The 10 mistakes we ALWAYS make while sewing

Yes, we all do them or, in this case, don’t! Read the 10 mistakes we all make at some point on our sewing journey, even if we don’t want to admit it 🙂

1. Not cleaning your sewing machine after finishing a project.

“What the hell is this thread/piece of fabric/needle doing here?!”

10 sewing mistakes Coco Wawa Crafts post cleaning machine

2. Not washing your fabric as soon as it hits home before cutting it.

“But, but, it fitted!!!”

3. Not tracing your brand new paper pattern instead of just ruining it by ­–again– cutting the original.

“Oh! Yes! I have this lovely pattern in lots of sizes… What!!!?? Apparently, I used to have…”

4. Not prepping two bobbins with thread before starting your project.

“I have been sewing nothing for the last minute!!!”

10 sewing mistakes Coco Wawa Crafts post bobbin thread

5. Not buying matching thread and just using one you’ve got at home that “really” looks like it matches the fabric…

“No, it doesn’t”

6. Not using the correct weight on your interfacing and, on top of that, having chosen by mistake sewn-on instead of iron-on.

“I know, the collar is a bit stiff, but I like it this way”

7. Not making a toile to check the fitting is correct before cutting your beautiful fabric.

“M***** F******!!! I don’t mind. I will wear it anyway,” she said

10 sewing mistakes Coco Wawa Crafts post Cinderella

8. Not assembling that PDF pattern properly leaving gaps in between the pages.

“Why the back and the front don’t match??!! Grrrr!”

9. Not pressing your garment properly (including seams) while making it and when finishing it.

Coco Wawa Crafts post Ten Mistakes Iron

10. Rushing it so that you can wear your handmade dress to your cousin’s wedding.

“Oh, that unfinished hem? It is fashion, honey”

10 sewing mistakes Coco Wawa Crafts post

Would love to hear yours now 🙂 Share away!