2016 sewing retrospective + goals for the new year

So 2016 has been a pretty incredible year here at CocoWawa Crafts 😃 I have quitted my job as a writer and journalist to dedicate myself to CocoWawa 24/7 and got my pixie back. Also, we have launched our first sewing pattern ever, the Marshmallow Dress! opening a new door for more creativity and many more patterns to come 😃 We have also organized a pretty cool meet up with Elena, from Sew It With Love, to watch the Great British Sewing Bee during the Summer with a bunch of amazing lovely ladies who love sewing as much as we do, as well as doing collabs with other incredible makers like Nancy Straughan, Amy from Super+Super or Frank and Olive. And we have sewn as well quite a lot 😃

Reviewing some of my makes of the year, I am very happy to see there are lots of self-drafted patterns, including the Marshmallow Dress 😃

In this case I copied one of my favourite tops from you know, that very famous French brand that makes the best stripe t-shirts in the world, hehe.


Self-drafted Breton top with blue stripes. Fabric: Eternal Maker.


Another version in yellow. Fabric: Eternal Maker.

Here, I self-drafted a pair of culottes for the Summer with this lovely checked fabric in this beautiful shade of pink/lilac.


This pic makes me miss Summer so much! Fabric: Eternal Maker.

Another copycat, this (a bit short) dress I made a few months back based on another one I’ve had for years and loved.


Fabric: Sew Over It.

Oh! And this off-shoulder dress I drafted myself as well for the holidays 😃


Fabric: Eternal Maker.

And of course, the Marshmallow Dress. Our first ever sewing pattern (in English and Spanish!). Still feel so excited when I look at the pics 😃


Short sleeve version with piping and Peter Pan Collar.

And the Marshmallow Blouse, a little pattern hack I posted on the blog a few weeks back for those who got the pattern.

Marshmallow Blouse Pattern Hack

Fabric: bought in Japan.

Marshmallow Blouse pattern hack look

The whole look and so comfy and quick to make!

But! these are not all. I have also made some lovely garments using other indie patterns like the Coco dress from Tilly and The Buttons using again stripes 😉


Fabric: Eternal Maker.

Or these two Mathilde blouses (from Tilly), one that I gave as a present, and the other one, as a Summer version with gathers and short sleeves.


Fabric: from our shop.


Fabric: Un Chat Sur Un Fil.

I have also made a pair of basics I have been using a lot like the Violet blouse from Colette Patterns or the Cleo pinafore from Tilly.


Fabric: Fabric Godmother.


Fabric: Fabric Godmother.

Last but not least, two other favourites. Turia dungarees from Pauline Alice and the pjs from Closet Case Files.


Fabric: Etsy, China shop.


Fabric: Fabricworm.


So happy with how they looked!

All in all I love having made things I designed/drafted/copied myself as it has been a huge step out of my comfort zone and has given me the reins and freedom to create more and develop a new path for my business.

On the other hand, I am also happy for having made garments that I actually use everyday and not only “showstoppers” for weddings or festivities.

2017 for me is going to be year of Slow Sewing, that is my mantra! I will repeat it everyday so that it sticks and I don’t get caught in the usual craziness of making a hundred things without thinking if I need them, like them, suit me or if the fabric is the correct one (which has been my other mantra for a while, hehe).

I want to make much less, but much better and using all the skills I’ve been learning recently to get a more professional look on what I make, inside and outside. I am going to think more about the garments I really need on my wardrobe, making more basics and finally sewing a coat I feel proud of, even if I have to start in the Summer! 😃

This year there will also be new sewing patterns coming from CocoWawa and I want to, if possible, take the time to learn more, refresh what I already know and read again all the sewing and pattern cutting books I’ve got at home, as well as using some of the time to practice new techniques and get to know my two sewing machines upside down so that they won’t be able to play tricks on me 😃

Quite a lot, right? Well, I will get there eventually with a slower pace 😃

Happy sewing and Happy 2017!