Embroidery class with New Craft House

A few weeks ago I attended an embroidery class at New Craft House HQ in Hackney (just next to the trendy Broadway Market), taught by all time crush lady Elisalex De Castro (co-founder of By Hand London) and queen of refashioning (apart from queen of sewing and pattern designing and stuff, hehe) and I loved it.

It was my second time doing embroidery (last year I bought a pattern from an amazing embroidery artist, Sarah K. Benning, and made it. Check out her makes because they are truly pieces of art), but this was the first proper class, where I learned the basic stitches and one or two cute details more 😃

We had to bring a garment we wanted to refashion or just to give that bit of extra something to make it more special. I brought a jumper I don’t use often, a white plain shirt and a pair of trousers. Neither of them were handmade and I was not really using them so thought it would be nice to give them that little something.

In the three-hour class that just went by so fast! (that happens when you are having fun, hehe), we learned the basic embroidery stitches like the satin stitch, chain, baste, whip… and also we learned how to make the prettiest roses and daisies, and French knots! (my favourite 😃) and then we went onto our own garments.

Here are some pics of the class:


Everything ready at the table


Elisalex and other crafty ladies


Examples of embroidery hanging around


More inspiration


Basic tools: thread, fabric, the loop and needle


Elisalex explaining the basic stitches (and already looking amazing!)


Other crafters making some lovely embroidery!


Practice finished and now for some real stuff! 🙂


First little flower done!


And my garden that I finished at home 🙂


And how they look with shoes 😉

I have to say that I was hooked. It is such a relaxing way to spend a quiet afternoon at home and also a great craft to take with you on holidays! I am sure I will embroidery many more clothes (and handmade ones as well!) from now on 😃

Have you ever tried embroidery? Leave a comment below 😃



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  • Rosie - The New Craft House

    Lovely post Ana and so glad to hear you had a good time! Hope you’ll come back for another class soon 🙂

    • CocoWawaCrafts

      It was great Rosie! Looooved the class and yes! I am sure I will be back 🙂 Maybe for some bra making!

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