Inspiration for the Marshmallow Dress

Heeeeello ladies!

how are things going? Hope very well 😃 First of all would like to say a massive thank you for all your lovely comments about the Marshmallow Dress. I was so excited but scared at the same time about releasing it being my first pattern! so your love has been everything these days 😃

Now, down to business! So you have seen already some beautiful versions of the Marshmallow Dress (a trapeze with a drop waist) on social media thanks to the most amazing pattern testers ever. Some opted for the version with the Peter Pan collar and short sleeves, others went for the 3/4 sleeves + cuffs, others chose a different fabric for the ruffle and others opted for a normal neckline without bow or collar. As you can you can make the Marshmallow your own! if you don’t do cute much or if you are 😃 But! I wanted to give you a bit more inspiration in case you are thinking about making one and hopefully will help you decide about fabrics, colour combinations and more 😃So here it goes! (oh, and apologize in advance as I couldn’t find pictures of more diverse bodies. It makes me so angry how the Internet is full of the same body types! And it is a subject I am very conscious about.)

Modern versions

Asos trapeze dress

Trapeze Dress from Asos in navy blue


From Free People with a dyed fabric


In white with a check print from Asos


A jersey version from Asos

asos trapeze dress

Daily version from Asos









Long sleeve from Asos

Fancy trapeze dresses


An over the top version in blue!


Black and white contrasting colours


Beautiful dress by Kenzo in green


Trapeze dress by Ives Saint Laurent


In pink from Anthropologie


My favourite from Alexander McQueen

And the vintage!


Vintage pattern. Love the yellow!


Butterick Vintage Pattern, so 60s!


Some 20s drop waists


More vintage trapeze silhouettes

As you can see there are loooooads of options and so many fabrics to choose from!

Hope you like the post and can’t wait to see more of your dresses! Remember to use the hashtag #marshmallowdress to share your makes online 😃

Happy sewing!