Mini Marshmallow dress & embroidery project

Last year I attended my first embroidery workshop at the lovely New Craft House in London with pattern designer and overall girl-crush Elisalex de Castro. It was a great class where we learned the basic embroidery stitches, from satin to chain stitch, French knots (my favourite!) to many more. Apart from this, we started work on a proper project and I chose a pair of RTW trousers that I didn’t like anymore; embroidery is just perfect for all those forgotten garments that we don’t like anymore or that need some mending. It just adds the perfect detail so that you fall in love again.

embroidery class at the new craft house

A stole this pic from the New Craft House website, where you can see all of us in action 🙂

And this is what I did on my trousers…

Embroidery work CocoWawa Crafts

After the workshop, I have to admit that I didn’t do anymore embroidery… I was too focused on sewing, learning more knitting, etc… so it got a bit forgotten… till this year! I was looking forward to making my first denim jacket and when I finished I was not sure if I should just use some iron-on patches or pins to decorate and then I remembered embroidery! So I went and planned a proper project. Here it is and also a link to the YouTube video I uploaded about my experience, tools and much more…

Denim jacket Audrey Seamwork mag sewing

Front of the denim jacket I made using the Audrey pattern from SeamWork Mag

Denim jacket Audrey Seamwork mag sewing embroidery

And the back with the embroidery project based in space

Even though it is not perfect by any means and I have much more to learn, it made me incredibly happy and now I can’t wait to keep learning and finding more projects to work on.

Apart from this, I have also did a very small embroidery project on a commissioned Mini Marshmallow Dress (a CocoWawa pattern). I stitched a few French knots at the front and then I did a small flower near the ruffle.

Mini Marshmallow embroidery 3

Mini Marshmallow embroidery 2

Mini Marshmallow embroidery 1

I think embroidery is the perfect alternative to throwing something away or falling back in love with a RTW or handmade garment. Give it a go and you will be surprised! Also, you don’t have to attend a class like me at all as YouTube is full of tutorials and there are also some lovely books you can find at your local library or online.

Hope you liked this post and see you soon!