Review: Favourite sewing gadgets

Hi stitchers!

I am back here with a post about a few sewing gadgets I have been loving recently. I have also recorded a vlog on YouTube showing you all of them and giving you a bit of a description and what I usually use them for. Take a look and find links to all of them below.


Gadgets mentioned on the vlog:

✂Pattern weights:

✂’Wonder’ clips:

✂Magnetic pin holder:

✂Simflex sewing gauge:

✂Thread snip:

✂Finger guards:

✂Iron pressing cloth:

✂Teflon iron plate:

✂Pressing tools:


✂Bee wax:

✂Sticky sewing tape:

✂Tutorial on sewing sticky tape:

Did you know them? Have you ever used any of these before? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading and watching and see you soon.

Happy sewing,



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