Chestnut Sew Along – Inspiration

So you like the Chestnut pattern quite a lot but need a bit of inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! The new CocoWawa sewing pattern is perfect for cozy Autumn and Winter days when choosing the sweater option, while the Chestnut top can be the perfect garment to layer up on colder days or to use in Spring with a cardigan or by itself, so the bows are seen in all its glory 😉

But, let’s start with some inspiration. Get ready for some ‘bowliness’ galore!

Bow back inspiration jumper

A lovely jumper with a big opening and bow


The lovely fashion blogger from Something Delightful, wearing this perfect blouse with three back bows


Another top, from Shein, with back bows. A hack with a ruffle in mind? 🙂


In love with this Refinery 29 version, although not jersey in this case. Another hack?


Perfect Petit Bateau top with shoulder bow that you can also make!


Shoulder bow lace detail on this Valentino sweater


A Miu Miu top with back bows


Another version of the Miu Miu top but as a cardigan


Shoulder bow on this Lemuse jumper


Another big back bow opening on this La Redoute‘s jumper. The one in the Chestnut is more subtle, so perfect for cold days as well


A perfect sailor sweater or top from J. Crew! Perfect to replicate with the Chestnut pattern


Banana Republic cozy jumper with back bow


And what about making it into a dress?

Now, with all this inspiration, what are you waiting for?! 🙂 Next post of the sew along will be fitting, choosing your size and what we like the most, fabric!

Happy sewing!