Chestnut Sew Along – Sleeves, cuffs and side seams

So, welcome back to another post of the Sew Along for the Chestnut Sweater and Top sewing pattern! And today we are attaching the sleeves, cuffs and side seams. Let’s go!

Sleeves, side seams and cuffs

Sweater and top all versions

Take your sleeve and place it right sides together along the armhole, matching notches and pin. You will have to work the sleeve along the armhole to make it fit, but don’t worry, it does 🙂



Stitch all along with your overlocker or regular machine and a zigzag stitch.


Sweater all versions

With right sides together pin both front and back bodice pieces from the hem of the sleeve to the hem of the sweater, matching notches.


Stitch (overlock or regular machine) all in one go (this is the most satisfying way of doing it, right? 🙂 ). Do the same with the other sleeve and the other side seam.


Turn your sweater right side out. Now take your cuff, fold it widthways with right sides and sew both short ends together.



Fold it lengthwise along the middle, with wrong sides facing each other and place it around the end of one of the sleeves, with right sides together, matching the underarm seam of the sleeve with the seam of the cuff and the raw edges of both pieces and pin. Stitch all around.


Pull the cuff away from the sleeve. Do the same with the other cuff. There’s only one more post to go for the sweater, coming tomorrow, and you will be done! 🙂

Top all versions

With right sides together pin both front and back bodice pieces from the hem of the sleeve to the notch marking the slit at the bottom/hem of the top and stitch stopping at that said notch.



To create the slits, fold one of the edges to the inside of the garment, with wrong sides together, by 3/8’’/1cm and pin. Do this for the other slit and for the other two on the other side of the top.


Now zigzag stitch or top stitch on the right side using a 0.5cm seam allowance starting at the hem on one side of the slit, pivoting in the middle to sew a straight line and going down the other side till the end.


You can also finish the inside of the slit with herringbone tape (a type of ribbon/tape used to reinforce seams or openings). For this, cut a piece of tape with the same length as the slit, place it on top of the folded sides and pin. At the top of the slit you will have to twist the tape in order to make it lay flat and go down along the other side. Then stitch.


Finish the hem of your top and also the sleeves by folding the raw edge (you can overlock it if you want) by 3/8”/1cm wrong sides together and stitching all around (front from slit to slit and back the same way).


If you have chosen the top option, tie your lovely bows and… You are done! Congratulations! Your lovely Top is finished! Don’t forget to share it on social media using the hashtag #ChestnutTop and #CocoWawaPatterns 🙂


Chestnut Top Version B

Happy sewing!