Honeycomb Sew Along – Fitting, sizes & fabric

Welcome to another post of the Honeycomb Shirt and Dress Sew Along. Today we will go through the fitting stage and choosing your size, also how to shorten or lengthen the bodice of the pattern, and… fabric options! (you were waiting for this one, right? 😉 ). So without further ado… Let’s start!

Fitting and sizes

So, first of all you need to take a look at the charts on page 3. There you will find something similar to this (picture below) with all the sizes offered on the pattern from 1 to 8 and also the corresponding commercial sizes, from UK 6 / US 2 to UK 20 / US 16. On this chart you will also find the body measurements related to each size, so now you just need to take a tape measure and measure yourself (with no clothes on, only underwear or very stretchy garments like a top and leggings) or ask someone to help you.

When you have your bust, hips and waist measurements, you can then choose which size would work better for you. And remember, the Honeycomb Shirt and Dress has a relaxed fit that you can adjust thanks to the straps located at the bodice.

Honeycomb Shirt and Dress sewing pattern sizes, fabric CocoWawa Crafts

If you are in between sizes, go for the bigger one and then adjust accordingly. If what you want is to shorten or lengthen the bodice of the pattern on either option, here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it.

*For this part of the post we are using an old post we published on the Chestnut Sweater and Top Sew Along, although the tutorial applies the same way to Honeycomb 🙂

To lengthen the bodice: Cut your paper pattern along the line that says ‘shorten or lengthen the pattern here’ and separate the two pieces like shown below, at the distance you would like to add to your new bodice piece. Make sure the distance is the same along the space between the two pieces.


Then place another sheet of paper (pattern paper or a regular A4) on the blank space between the cut bodice pieces and using cello tape or glue stick them together as such.

Redraw the line at the center fold of the piece with a ruler and also the side seam so it connects the two pieces together and you are ready to cut your fabric!



To shorten the bodice: Cut your paper pattern along the line that says ‘shorten or lengthen the pattern here’. Then draw a line above the cutting line at the distance you would like your bodice to be shorter by and then stick the lower piece right at that new line using glue or cello tape.



Redraw now the side seam and make sure the line of the center fold is straight on the other side.



If you want to make your front and back pieces less wide, I would suggest size down or redraw the seam lines in between sizes. You can make a toile and test before cutting the final fabric.

Now you are ready to cut your fabric!

Fabric recommendations

And speaking of fabric… That’s the best part of making your own clothes, right? Or almost the best one, apart from wearing them? 😉 So here are some suggestions…

For Autumn and Winter go for medium weight fabrics like velvet; corduroy, needlecord or babycord; tweed; fine wool; denim… On the picture below starting at the top, clockwise: Multicolour denim from Guthrie and Ghani; Yellow wool from Merchant and Mills; Floral corduroy from The Eternal Maker; Tartan wool from Fabric Godmother.

Fabric options Autumn Winter Honeycomb Shirt Dress sewing pattern CocoWawa Crafts

For Spring and Summer choose light to medium weight fabrics like cotton, also chambray, linen, light denim, viscose, double gauze, cotton lawn… On the picture below starting at the top, clockwise: Mustard linen from The Fabric Store; Viscose / Rayon from Sew Me Sunshine; Blush pink linen from The Fabric Store; Forest Green double gauze from Sew Me Sunshine.

Fabric options Honeycomb Shirt and Dress sewing pattern CocoWawa Crafts

And have in mind that you can play with the pattern as you please! You can go for any of the sleeve options: regular long sleeves, long sleeves with bows, short sleeves or the sleeveless version; and between the dress and the shirt.

So… Are you ready for some fabric shopping?

Hope you are inspired now to start your new pattern straight away! 🙂 And tomorrow… how to assemble a pdf pattern!

Happy sewing guys.




2 replies on “Honeycomb Sew Along – Fitting, sizes & fabric

  • Lou

    Hi Ana, if I’m making the sleeves shirt on 60” fabric. I assume I’d need less? Do you know how much I could get away with? Thanks

    • Avallsgo

      Hi Lou! Do you mind with short sleeves? I think you would still need the 2 meters as several pieces are placed on the fold and the sleeves fit on the side. Take a look at the technical drawings. It is also true that I usually advice for a bit more fabric just in case, but I also think that 2 m will be enough 🙂


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