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If it is your first time here… Welcome! If you know us already… Welcome back! CocoWawa Sewing patterns is an independent brand loving cute and comfy designs and geometric shapes with a sweet aesthetic. Simple and nice patterns for all sewing levels that you can make and wear all year around.

And this time we introduce the super comfy (and oh, so easy to make) Chestnut Sweater and Top sewing pattern with two different options and lots of possibilities to play around. The sweater has a more relaxed silhouette and fit and its hem rests at upper hip level, so it has a kind of cropped feeling to it. The top has a closer fit and lays at hip or lower hip level.


Chestnut Sweater Version A


Chestnut Top Version B

First, you can opt for the sweater with three bow options or the top with the same alternatives. Version A of either of them has a lovely circular opening at the back that closes with a big bow; version B sports four bows at the back closing the bodice; and option C offers a more subtle bow alternative with a nice slit or vent at the shoulder seam.


The top has a slightly longer back and two slits at either side of the hem; meanwhile, the sweater offers two sleeve lengths: 3/4 and long sleeves. With lots of detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results to sew with knit fabrics, the Chestnut Sweater and Top will become a staple, with a twist, of your handmade wardrobe!


Chestnut Top Version C


Chestnut Sweater Version A

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