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I am back with a new video on YouTube telling you all about my latest A/W makes. In this vlog you will find mostly all sewing related projects but there is a BIG! knitting one that you can see if you keep scrolling 🙂 I have also made a new sample for the Cherry Culottes that you can check out right below. The comfiest trousers on Earth guys! And last, I have written this post about the sewing planning that I usually do with every season. Keep on reading!

Culottes sewing pattern CocoWawa Crafts

Each season since a couple of years ago, I sit down and actually plan what I want to sew instead of just making without control and then ending up with pieces that don’t go together at all. This has led me in the past to having pieces that I could not actually wear, impossible prints or just things that were not my style. Whereas now I actually have an excel doc. (look at me!) where I write down the project, fabric I am going to use, the current status (in progress, waiting, etc…), materials that I need… This has helped me build slowly, and bit by bit, a handmade wardrobe with pieces that I totally love and that I wear A LOT!

Also a good idea if you want to do something like this is to sit down in front of your handmade / RTW wardrobe and analyze what you really need. Is it maybe some more basics like turtlenecks or a pair of jeans? Or is it maybe something more special like a dress for those occasions in which you feel you have nothing to wear? Write it all down.

Then you can search for patterns online or on your stash and the same with the fabric. I don’t have a stash anymore which means that all fabrics (just have 3 or 4) have a specific project linked to them. Oh! And searching on Pinterest or looking for hashtags on Instagram is always a good idea to find inspiration.


After this it is nice to just write all down on a diary, sewing planner, your computer or a piece of paper, whatever works for you! And that way you can keep track and don’t loose focus which often happens when scrolling on Instagram and seeing all the beautiful things other are making. Try not to get that feeling of missing out and stick to your list!

I also like to have all projects cut and with all materials needed ready in case I want to make a few things for a new season coming. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and also helps me get the ball rolling as soon as I start with the first project. Another good idea is to combine difficult and easy. If I know I can finish a turtleneck in half a day, I try to make two and then move onto something more challenging.

To sum up, get organised, plan and your handmade wardrobe will thank you for that 🙂 Sewing planning is a winner!


Click on the vlog to watch and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Knitting project CocoWawa Crafts Purl Soho scarg

Super scarf with pattern and yarn from Purl Soho

More to come soon!



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