What I’ve been sewing: Carolyn Pajamas (pour moi!)

Well, well…. I’ve made a pair of pyjamas guys, yay!!! And it’s incredible that after some years of sewing (not many, just a few) it is my FIRST TIME making trousers, shorts or similar. Yes!!! I couldn’t believe it either!!! I don’t know why but till quite recently I used to link sewing to making cute dresses or skirts for special occasions. Then I realized it didn’t need to be that way! So I’ve started to make more casual, day to day garments and because I needed some pjs for Summer (well, British Summer, you know, hahaha) I went for this Carolyn Pajamas‘ pattern by Closet Case Files.


Sooooo, first things first. The fabric is a lovely light to medium-weight organic cotton from Birch Fabrics (I absolutely love all they have!) that I bought via Fabricworm. I also wanted to use piping (another almost first for me as I had only used it once before for a pair of cushion covers) and I have to say I looooooove piping. It makes the pyjamas look much nicer and adding a contrasting colour like the yellow I used is a plus and looks quite cute, right? 🙂

Now for the pattern. I think I got the fitting wrong. Mind you, I think it fits, BUT! as I am used to wearing wider clothes (they just make me feel more comfortable. Don’t like very tight garments) the pjs feel a bit small and…. short! If I would make them again (I may make a pair of the long version of the trousers to combine with the upper part I’ve already finished) I would choose a bigger size.

Shorts close up Carolyn Pajamas Coco Wawa Crafts post

Another tricky part for me and don’t want to criticize just for the shake of doing it, but because I felt it that way, the instructions were a bit difficult for me. Honestly don’t know why! Maybe because it was my first time making shorts but I got quite lost several times! (hard to admit this, glups!).

The jacket, on the contrary, was quite easy to follow (my first piping jacket with lapels) and I am quite happy with the result. I think that as soon as you do the piping right once, as soon as you get it, that’s it, you can do it anywhere.

Piping close up Carolyn Pajamas Coco Wawa Crafts post

I think the piping looks quite nice, right? 🙂

So now for the whole look!! 🙂

Bed Carolyn Pajamas Coco Wawa Crafts post

My usual pose in bed 😉

Bed up Carolyn Pajamas Coco Wawa Crafts post

The whole look! (And an Insta husband on the reflection, hahaha)

Standing Carolyn Pajamas Coco Wawa Crafts post


So what do you think guys? Have you made this specific pattern before? Any other you like? Would love hearing from you! Write away on the box and see you soon!! 🙂



4 replies on “What I’ve been sewing: Carolyn Pajamas (pour moi!)

  • Amy

    These are really cute! I’m about to embark on these PJs myself and this is great inspiration. I was relieved to read that you had some trouble understanding the pants instructions – I read over them earlier and didn’t quite follow them from the get go, so I’m glad I’m not alone!! 🙂


    • CocoWawaCrafts

      Thanks Amy!! And yes! It took me a while to understand the pocket part but in the end after some searching on Google I got it! Let me know if you need any help during the process 🙂


  • Mags

    They are so cute. A bit good for sleeping in. This is probably the year I make pyjamas but might go for Tilly’s set.

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