Fabric, Quilting and Knitting Shops in Porto

My favourite crafy shops in Porto, Portugal

Hi sewists, quilters and knitters!

I am back with a post about fabric and knitting shops I found during my stay in Porto and around (North of Portugal) this month of June. Hope you find it interesting and that you will visit some of them if you ever go there! Now, let's start :)

Fabric shops in Porto

Feria dos Tecidos: fabric shop with materials mainly for dressmaking and some for upholstery. These types of shops have a more traditional style and offer discounts on scraps. Prices change depending on the type of material and length of the scraps. 

Feira dos Tecidos 1
Feira dos Tecidos 2
Feira dos Tecidos 3
Feira dos Tecidos 4
Feira dos Tecidos 5
There are quite a few similar fabric stores like Feira dos Tecidos in the area. The other two I found were Mundo dos Tecidos, in Porto and Tecidos Zarco, in the nearby town of Matosinhos. You can see a pic of each place below. 

Fabric shop Porto

Tecidos Zarco 1

A shop I missed due to seeing other places was Armazém dos Linhos, which looked lovely online.

Regarding quilting, I found a couple of cute places.

Riera Alta: modern quilting and haberdashery shop with classes, also selling a small selection of dressmaking fabrics. I was surprised to see they had Oliso irons in stock! I have been looking for them in Europe for a whille. I didn't get it but they told me they could ship it to Spain :)

Riera Alta 1.jpg
Riera Alta 2.jpg
Riera Alta 3.jpg
Riera Alta 4.jpg
Riera Alta 5.jpg
Riera Alta.jpg
Riera Alta 7.jpg
É Tú Retrosaria: quilting and patchwork shop with lots of tools and many haberdashery bits also aimed at dressmakers. This shop was based in Matosinhos.

E Tu Retrosaria 1
E Tu Retrosaria 2
E Tu Retrosaria 3

Yarn and knitting shops in Porto

There was another shop I didn't manage to find open in Porto called Panopra Mantas, in case you want to take a look if you visit.

Moving onto knitting, you could tell it is a pretty popular craft in Portugal. There were many traditional shops like Lopo Xavier & C Lda or Tricots Brancal (pic below is from Lopo's window). But I fall in love with Ovelha Negra.

Lopo knitting shop Porto

I had already visited when I went to Porto for the first time in 2021 and had to come back. Such gorgeous yarns! Many from European brands, some from Portugal... My favourite store by far :)

Ovelha Negra 1
Ovelha Negra 2
Ovelha Negra 3
Ovelha Negra 4

Ovelha Negra Porto

Ovelha Negra Porto knitting shop

Ovelha Negra knitting shop Porto

I didn't buy anything as it was impossible for me to add anything else to my backpack, but it was really nice seeing all the yarns all the same.

And that is it! Have you ever visited Porto? Do you know any of these places or know about any others? Share them on your comments!

Thanks for reading.



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