I Visited the Love Yarn Festival in Madrid

Hi lovely makers!

this time I am writing about something a bit different. Last week I visited the I Love Yarn festival celebrated in Madrid where I am living at the moment. It was held at quite a large space which was pretty surprising as these type of fairs are usually celerated in smaller places.

I was happily surprised as well about the fair itself. I didn't know what to expect as I had attanded craft fairs a couple of times before here in Madrid and they fell short. In this case, there was a good number of businesses participating and what I Iiked the most, quite a few of them were international. It is always nice to see people from other places, bringing their own products and showing a different side to a craft like knitting.

As I went on a Friday afternoon, it was not crowded at all and I was able to walk around and take a proper look (with my friend) at the yarns without feeling overwhelmed.

I was not going to buy any more yarn (yes, Ana, we all believe you, haha!) as I already have quite a few projects going on and plans for others, but! of course you always make-up a project to justify buying that beautiful yarn (or fabric, or whatever it is) that you have just seen, right? :) Anyway... I will show you at the end of the post which yarns I got but for now, I will share some of the business I liked the most.

Pontelana: based in Lleida, Spain. They had gorgeous colours. All hand.dyed.

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 1

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 3

Yarnity. Another Spanish business. SO! many beautiful yarns. Hand-dyed.

Love Yarn Festival Madrid 2

Uschitita: one of the international sellers. Not sure where they are based as I couldn't find any information on their website. Pretty colours and fluffy Mohair. 

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 4

Tricot and Stitch: I love! how they had lots of mini swatches so that you could see how they yarns looked when knitted. Based in France.

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 5

Treliz: based in Greece, I loved! all the happy colours they had and the owner was so lovely.

I Love Yarn Festival 6

Sionnach yarns: lovely owner from France but living and hand-dying yarns in Ireland. The packaging was so bucolic and beautiful and look at that pink and blue yarn! I almost got it.

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 7

Biocrochet Yarns: based in Madrid and offering incredible colours and the softest Mohair.

I Love Yarn Festival 7

Chic Blend yarn: based in Italy. We loved their more subtle terracota and orange warm yarns. Incredible quality!

I Love Yarn Festival 8

Soc una troca!: based in Catalonia, Spain. I liked how they used cold lights to really show the colours instead of the warm ones from the space itself.

I Love Yarn Fair Madrid 9

VegaKnits: another Spanish business based in Estepona. They sell vegan yarns in very interesting materials. The colours were amazing.

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 10

And here, you can see my lovely friend Adriana looking at one of the two stalls where we bought some yarn. And below that, you can see our purchases! I will be making a Sophie shawl with the blue one on the right and a Sophie scarf with the multicoloured one next to it. Both patterns are from Petite Knit. The other yarns are the ones my friend got.

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 11

I Love Yarn Festival Madrid 12

As you can see two of the yarns are from La Bien Aimée and the other one is from Les Perles de Laines, another delicate, beautiful French company.

And that's it for now! I hope you enjoy reading the post and maybe felt inspired to do some knitting.

Speak soon and thanks for visiting!



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