Weaving at Tea and Crafting

A few weeks back I attended my first weaving class at Tea and Crafting in London. I already knew what weaving was (I wrote a post about an amazing shop in Hackney some months ago) and also that there was a trend right now of people hand weaving and creating amazing pieces of tapestry, rugs and all sorts of objects, so I searched online, booked the class and gave it a go 😃

Tea and crafting hand weaving

Lovely space at Tea and Crafting

Tea and crafting hand weaving

Lots of inspiration everywhere!

As they say on their own website, you can really learn a new craft in just a few hours, at least the basics from where to build up your knowledge if interested. Weaving is for sure soothing and relaxing. The teacher was a lovely woman who taught us how to ‘thread’ the loom, gave us different examples of inspiration and the ‘stitches’ to use to create a nice mini tapestry to hang at home.

All materials were included (you can’t take the loom home though as they of course need to use it for future classes) but there was a lovely selection of different yarns in all sorts of colours.

Tea and crafting hand weaving

Everything was ready for weaving and materials included

Tea and crafting hand weaving

That’s how you start threading the loom

Tea and crafting hand weaving

The ‘beard’/fringe of yarn was on!

I also loved how different the tapestries looked at the end comparing mine with the rest! The possibilities are endless and when searching on places like Pinterest you really see the amazing potential and the beautiful pieces of art you can create 😃

Tea and crafting hand weaving

Almost done 🙂

I will for sure buy a small loom to make more of this nice tapestries as I think they can make really nice presents and in just less than 3 hours you can leave with a handmade mini piece of art with your sign on it 😃

Tea and crafting hand weaving

Even love how the back looks, hehe

Tea and crafting hand weaving

And the finish piece 🙂

Also! They run very different classes so if weaving is not your thing they also do sewing, calligraphy, crochet and even 3D printing!

Have you done weaving yourselves? How was the experience?



Note: I wasn’t paid to write this feature, neither the class was paid by Tea and Crafting.

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