What I’ve been sewing: Turia Dungarees

Hi lovely friends! So today, instead of keep mourning about what happened yesterday or how the future is going to be, I just wanted to keep things positive and post about my last make because YES! sewing makes you feel amazing and the sewing community is strong and friendly and kind, so what better way to cheer up than to keep the sewing wheel spinning? 🙂

Now for the Turia Dungarees! OMG, how much I love this pattern! It was my first time sewing something from Pauline Alice and I’ve got to say her patterns have come to the top of my list! Loooove the instructions, very clear, nice diagrams, no strange bits that make you think twice (or three times)… And I remember thinking that dungarees would be something difficult to make! Not at all! Honestly, they are done in no time 🙂

What I’ve been sewing: Turia Dungarees

So you’ve got two options, the long and the short one. I went for the shorts (yes, even though I leave in the UK, haha) as I already have long dungarees (no #memade) and also thinking that I could wear them with tights in Autumn and a jumper underneath.

Regarding the fit, I went for my usual size on the upper part of the body but chosen to size up on the bottom as I wanted the dungarees to be more loose and comfy. Seeing the pictures online and on Pauline’s site, I could tell that the fitting was quite tight (at least for me) so I think I made the right decision and I also think you can’t even tell they are a size bigger 🙂 Also, as I was going for a bigger size, I didn’t use any zips (cheeky me!) but felt didn’t need them so even less work!

What I’ve been sewing: Turia Dungarees

Pocket detail

For the fabric I chose this lovely polka dot light denim that I actually bought on an Etsy store in China over a year ago (I’ve been trying not to buy more fabric till using all the stash I had at home and I think I am nearly there!). I just saw it, fall in love and yes, had to pay customs and all that, but liked it too much 🙂 The thread and buckles are from John Lewis.

What I’ve been sewing: Turia Dungarees

The back…

And now for the whole look!!

What I’ve been sewing: Turia Dungarees

What I’ve been sewing: Turia Dungarees

With Orla Kiely shoes, Boden t-shirt and Bailey Nelson sunnies 🙂

What I’ve been sewing: Turia Dungarees


What do you think guys? Like it? Yay? Nay? Have you made other Pauline Alice patterns? Now I want to make them all!! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your answers!

Thanks for reading and see you here again very soon!



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