Meg and her Gorgeous Nutmeg Jacket

Meg's Nutmeg Jacket

Hi lovely sewists!

today we welcome to our blog my beautiful friend Meg from Pigeon Wishes. If you don't know her yet, you should! She is an amazing sustainable fabric and button supplier based in the UK, apart from being a very talented sewist and knitter (you can find her on Instagram as well).

On this occasion, she has written a post about her experience making our pattern of the month of September, the Nutmeg Jacket and Trench. She has made an incredible version and you can read all about it here :) Let's go!

Meg's post about her Nutmeg Jacket

"Hi, Meg here! Sewing a jacket/coat always seems like an intimidating step. Outwear has a reputation for intermediate skills and difficulty. I’ve never been much of an outerwear sewist myself, so I chose Ana’s Nutmeg jacket as a lovely introduction to sewing a jacket. 

Meg wearing her handmade Nutmeg Trench and Jacket

I have to admit I was deeply inspired (I blatantly copied) Kate Eva Designs hacks in this make. I shortened the jacket to make it cropped and I omitted the pockets. I loved the cropped length and I think it works with my body proportions much better than a hip length version would.

Meg wearing her handmade Nutmeg Trench and Jacket side view

If I were to make the jacket again I would definitely add the pockets on. Maybe they would have to be adjusted because they are nice and big but practically, pockets on a jacket are just a must for me. 

I love my bias bound insides. Well worth the effort. I did them as I was taught which means each side was done. A closer look at others shows some people bias bound both seams together, which halves the work and looks just as good. A tip for me to remember next time!

Meg wearing her handmade Nutmeg Trench and Jacket

I took a leap of faith and didn’t do any adjustments apart from shortening the sleeves. The fit was great and actually the sleeves didn’t need shortening. Next time I will sew the pattern, I will leave it exactly as is. 

This jacket was such a fun make! Expect more and I will definitely be adding the ruffles next time!".

Meg wearing her handmade Nutmeg Trench and Jacket

Thank you so much Meg for this lovely post and for all your explanations :) If you also want to make a version of the Nutmeg Trench and Jacket, you will find the Nutmeg Trench and Jacket pattern here. Apart from the instructions that you will receive with the pattern, you can also follow our Nutmech Trench and Jacket video tutorial on YouTube.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!



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