Honeycomb Sew Along - Peplum & Skirt, Pockets

Hi stitchers! Today we are finishing our lovely Honeycomb Shirt and Dress by attaching a peplum, for the shirt option or a skirt with inseam pockets (pockets always!), if you have chosen the dress. Very easy to follow and quick to make. In this case you will see the peplum version which you can adapt to the skirt exactly the same way. The only step you will miss are the pockets and that one you can find on our YouTube tutorial.

Well, if you are ready, let's get sewing!


Shirt version

Pick up your peplum pieces (which have also the skirt piece included so you need to trace off the peplum part only) and sew them along the side seams with right sides together. Finish those seams with your preferred method.

Sew along Honeycomb pockets sewing pattern

Sew along Honeycomb sewing pattern

Now sew two lines of gather stitches within the seam allowance that will be 5/8‘‘/1.5cm this time.

Sew along Honeycomb sewing pattern

Take the peplum and the bodice and with right sides together pin both pieces along the bottom, matching side seams and pulling from the gathers to make both pieces line up. Stitch all around using a 5/8‘‘/1.5cm seam allowance. Finish that seam with your preferred method and take the peplum away from the shirt.

Sew along Honeycomb sewing pattern

Sew along Honeycomb sewing pattern

Sew along Honeycomb sewing pattern

 Now hem your shirt by pressing the bottom of the peplum piece inwards 2cm (or your desired length. This is a good time to try your shirt on and see how long or short you want it). Then fold again to conceal that raw edge and press using the same number. Stitch around.

And now... you have finished! Congratulations! Your lovely Honeycomb Shirt or Dress is now finished. Give it a good press and enjoy it all year around.

Remember that you can make it work for Spring and Summer with lighter fabrics and the short or sleeveless options or for Autumn and Winter with cosy fabrics and the long sleeve alternatives.

Sew along Honeycomb sewing pattern

Honeycomb dress sewing pattern

Honeycomb shirt sewing pattern

Hope you have enjoyed this Sew Along, thanks so much for coming along and don't forget to share your finished version on social media using the hashtags #honeycombsewalong (in order to win some amazing prizes!), #honeycombdress, #honeycombshirt, #cwhoneycombdress, #cwhoneycombshirt and #cocowawapatterns :)

Happy sewing!



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