A Cherry Corduroy Love Story

The Cherry culottes in corduroy

Oh Cherry... How versatile and cute you are! One of our patterns of the month, the Cherry culottes sewing pattern is just the perfect garment to make one, two, three or as many versions as you possibly can. Why? Because it is very easy and quick to sew, soooo comfy to wear and you can dress it up or down as you please, all year around, depending on the fabric you choose.

Cover Cherry culottes and shorts sewing pattern

My Autumn and Winter version

At first, I designed the Cherry culottes sewing patternthinking of the Summer and wanting to wear loose, soft trousers that could go with any top or shirt and a nice pair of sandals.

Then, I realised that I could also make a pair of Cherries for Autumn or Winter. How? By choosing a more appropiate fabric like corduroy :) and pairing them (in my case, as I am ALWAYS cold) with some nice tights underneath for those really cold days, as the legs of the trousers have a wider shape, more like culottes do.

Cherry culottes and shorts sewing pattern

If you know me (Ana, the person behind CocoWawa ;) ), you know I love lilac so of course, for my new version of the Cherry culottes sewing pattern, I went for an amazing jumbo! corduroy that I got at Fabric Godmother while I was still living in the UK (moved to Amsterdam a few months ago).

Cherry culottes and shorts sewing pattern

The pattern offers the possibility of adding in-seam and back patch pockets. For this version, I went for the patch pockets. The jumbo corduroy was a bit too thick for my liking so the in-seam pockets were going to be a bit bulky.

Cherry culottes and shorts sewing pattern

The Cherry culottes sewing pattern also come with a super-comfortable-to-wear elasticated waistband and then it is just a matter of hemming them. Honestly, these are the best and! quickest pair of trousers ever. Even if I say so myself ;)

Cherry culottes and shorts sewing pattern

If you are new to dressmaking and have never tried a pair of trousers, these are perfect for you. There is no front fly to deal with and the fit is also very easy to achieve. And apart from getting a booklet with all the instructions and steps when you buy the pattern (and lots of great technical drawings), you can watch a tutorial I filmed for YouTube to help you even more along the way :)

I hope you felt inspired to make your own pair of Cherry culottes. You can get the pattern here and don't forget to share it on social media using the hashtags #cwcherryculottes, #cherryculottes and #cocowawapatterns.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!



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