Meet the Cherry Culottes and Shorts

Make a super easy pair of trousers

With this womens shorts sewing pattern, the Cherry Culottes and Shorts, you will be able to sew the easiest trousers EVER! :) And they come with a bit of a story. I fall in love with culottes a few years ago when trying to find a pair of trousers that were actually comfortable.

I am not really into skinny jeans so I made a pair of culottes from a Japanese pattern book. The pants came with pleats at the front and a normal waistband but I loved them. They had very wide legs and that edgy Japanese style.

After this version I wanted more culottes of course! but I decided to draft a pair with a simpler shape. I created a pair with less wide legs, no pleats, I incorporated inseam pockets (and back patch pockets) and, of course, what makes this trousers so easy to sew and so comfy, I added an elastic waistband.

I have made several versions of these womens shorts sewing pattern that I usually wear in Spring and Summer, although I have a version for Autumn with a more cozy fabric (Cherry works on all seasons!).

Cherry culottes and short sewing pattern

I never really thought people would like a simple culottes' pattern till a few weeks ago when I asked people on social media what did they think about a shorts' version using this same pattern... You loved it guys! So I decided for once to go with my gut and develop the pattern for both versions.

Cherry culottes and short sewing pattern

It is a very simple pattern to sew, with easy-to-follow instructions and no fiddly bits. You will make a pair of this in just a couple of hours! The pattern is available in PDF version and as usual, it comes with a copyshop version if you want to skip the assembling part. And! you have a YouTube tutorial waiting for you :)

Cherry culottes and short sewing pattern

Hope you like sewing and wearing the womens short sewing pattern Cherry as much as I do and don't forget to share your make using the hashtags: #cocowawapatterns, #cherryculottes, #cherryshorts, #cwcherryculottes and #cwcherryshorts!

Happy sewing!



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