Meet the Pumpkin Cardigan & Cardi Dress

Learn to sew with knit fabric and Pumpkin!

If it is your first time here… welcome! If you know us already…welcome back! CocoWawa Crafts is an independent sewing pattern company loving comfy, classic designs with a twist and a sweet aesthetic. Simple and nice patterns for all sewing levels that you can make and wear all year around, depending on the fabric you go for.

And this time we introduce the Pumpkin Cardigan and Cardi Dress sewing pattern! A super cosy easy to fit and sew cardigan with a dress option and lots of options to make it your own.

It features a front band; two different necklines: scoop and lower scoop; two waistbands: regular or ruffle; two types of pockets: bound / welt and inseam; and sleeves with or without cuffs if you prefer to make it even cosier, and all interchangeable regardless of the version you go for.

Pumpkin cardi dress sewing pattern easy knits
If you choose the sleeveless option (on either the dress or the cardigan), the armholes -as well as the neckline- are finished with a band in jersey (opt for contrast or ribbing) and very easy to stitch.

You can opt for the cardigan to throw on top of turtlenecks and jeans or the dress, which will look perfect with tights. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Long sleeve version with cuffs, regular waistband and contrast bands. Also welt pockets!

Pumpkin cardi dress sewing pattern easy knits

With lots of detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results when sewing with knits, the Pumpkin Cardi and Cardi Dress will become a staple, with a twist, in your handmade wardrobe.

Super comfy cardigan version. This one with only just one button at the top and no waistband.

Pumpkin cardi dress sewing pattern easy knits

Sleeveless version perfect to pair with a turtleneck.

Pumpkin cardi dress sewing pattern easy knits

You can also learn how to make Pumpkin with our step-by-step tutorial on YouTube.

Pumpkin cardi dress sewing pattern easy knits

Also don't forget to share your makes on social media using the hashtags #cocowawapatterns, #cwpumpkincardi, #cwpumpkincardidress, #pumpkincardi and #pumpkincardidress.

Now... Get your Pumpkin here (pdf version) and let's get sewing!



*All fabrics have been kindly sponsored by Sew Me Sunshine, The Fabric Store and See You At Six. Credits:
Navy speckled jersey and pink from Sew Me Sunshine.
Avocado Merino jersey from The Fabric Store.
Mustard French Terry and ribbing from See You At Six.


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