Definitive Guide for Marking Tools

Best marking tools for sewing and quilting

Hi everyone! I am sharing with you today the fabric marking tools I use for both making my own clothes and for quilting. Which ones do you have? Which are your favourite? Leave a comment below!

List of fabric marking tools

Hera marker

This little plastic tool from the brand Clover is great for marking a design on a quilt prior to quilting. It leaves a subtle crease on the fabric without using ink and it goes away after a while. The principal disadvantage for me? It is not as precise as one would want and sometimes the mark goes away too quickly.

Hera Marker Clover quilting sewing marking fabric
Frixion Pilot pen

I love it and use it all the time. It is basically a regular pen but the ink disappears in contact with heat (from your iron, for example). As the tip is fine, it is very precise.

The main con? Some people say the marks come back if the fabric is in contact with a very cold atmosphere. It has never happened to me though, but I always encourage that you test it on a scrap of the fabric you want to use for your project.

Frixion Pen quilting sewing marking fabric
Water erasable pen

I have used it in the past for marking an embroidery desing on a garment (e.g. something I want to add to a pair of jeans or a backpack) and it works well. What I don't like is that your fabric/project needs to get wet to make it go away as you use water to erase the marks.

Water Erasable Pen quilting sewing marking fabric

Traditional chalk pencils and pieces of chalk

Last, these are the marking tools I like the least and also use less often. To me the chalk itself requires too much scrubbing and rubbing to get rid of the marks and it is not that much precise.

Traditional chalk pencil quilting sewing marking fabric

What are your thoughts? Which one if your favourite marking tool and why? Leave a comment below and check the video I filmed for social media showing how all the tools work.

Happy sewing and quilting,


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