Surface pattern design and my favorite ones

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In this week’s new post I am going to talk about pattern design. When I discovered the sewing world years ago after attending several workshops here in London, I totally fall in love with all the beautiful and amazing patterns out there. That led me to open my own online fabric store but that was not enough, I wanted to learn how to create a printed fabric! That is why I attended a Printmaking for textiles course at The Conservatoire in Blackheath during 10 weeks. It was an amazing course very hands on where I learned to use different techniques such as mono and block printing and also screen printing (another great screen printing course is the one Zeenah teaches in her studio in East London).

And here you can see some of the things I created after the course:

Surface pattern design and my favorite ones

Surface pattern design and my favorite ones

Surface pattern design and my favorite ones

I was planning in selling these on my store but a new job got in the way so they will have to wait for some time 🙂 Also, after this course I have been doing a Surface Pattern Design online course with Make It In Design, to learn more about the digital process of designing patterns. I have done three levels and I have learned a lot, but I am still in the first stages of using Photoshop and Illustrator. Also you need to know how to draw and that has been a big challenge for me! I never thought I was able to do anything near that, but hey, you can always learn and discover that you actually enjoy it! And that is the most important thing.

These are two of the patterns I have created. Not finished, but in the making.

Now, for my favorite pattern designers. It is difficult choosing only three or four as I am all the time finding someone new who creates amazing things, but here are my current favorites:

Eloise Renouf. This artist and illustrator lives in Nottingham, England, and she creates prints and drawings that are later used on fabrics. They have a geometrical feeling to them and she usually uses nature as the main theme for her creations.

Surface pattern design and my favorite ones

I Love Leaves by Eloise Renouf

Elizabeth Olwen is another amazing pattern designer, based in Toronto, who also loves nature for her illustrations. You can find her drawings printed on fabric, diaries, candle holders and phone cases!

Surface pattern design and my favorite ones

1950s Florals by Elizabeth Owen

Heather Moore is the talent behind Skinny laMinx, a brand with a Scandi-African style all the way from Cape Town, where she has her own store. Love her bold and colorful designs that can be found on all kinds of textile items (aprons, tea towels, purses…), tableware and paper goods.

Last but not least, Sarah Jane, from Sarah Jane Studios, an American illustrator based in Utah, from where she creates vintage and magical looking illustrations for children books, fabric and many more.

Surface pattern design and my favorite ones

Tree Wonder by Saran Jane Studios

If after this you want to know more about pattern and want to steep into this world, visit one of my favorite sites ever, Print and Pattern. I can spend hours just browsing!

Hope you liked this new post and will be more coming next week.

Happy sewing and crafting!


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