What I have been sewing: Violet Blouse + Arielle Skirt

Hi lovely people! New post today and it is all about my last sewing projects! :) This time I've made the Violet Blouse from Colette Patterns and the Arielle Skirt from Tilly and the Buttons. It was my first time using a Colette pattern and I have to say that I loooooved it! Even though it was a beginner's project (for advance seamstresses you can do it in half a day) the instructions were great, very clear, the right amount of info on each step and very helpful drawings. I could use those every single day on more complicated patterns :)


I chose the fabric, a Swiss dot cotton lawn, at one of the super cool open days Fabric Godmother organized a while ago. It is a bit see-through but for Summer or wearing a tank top underneath is perfect :) About the buttons, I went for the first time ever to The Button Queen in London. I had heard about it lots of times but never went till last week. And even though the look might make you think twice about going in (it feels like it is going to be too elegant or too expensive), but trust me, they sell hundreds and hundreds of amazing buttons of all kinds and at very good prices! Also the lovely gentleman working there was very helpful :)


About the fit of the shirt, didn't have to adapt it a bit, I just changed the shape of the inner facing around the collar and the front bodice as you could see it through the fabric.

Now, for the skirt! Well, in this case I had more troubles due to the fact that at first I chose a fabric that it was totally see-through (I swear I am not doing it on purpose!). Maybe you saw some of the pictures of the skirt around? And because the lining had polka dots in black and white well... A total disaster! And yes, I could have chosen a matching lining but do you know those times when you just don't want to even look at something you have done cause you are not feeling it like at all? Well, it was one of those times... So! Instead I bought this lovely beautiful organic cotton canvas in coral from Birch Fabrics (I am like their biggest fan! Also thinking about selling their fabrics at Coco Wawa :) ) at Fabricworm. It had the perfect weight to give some structure and body to the skirt (and I could use my lining too, yay!) and the yellow buttons just gave it a more relax, casual look I think...



About the fitting, well, that's another story. I chose a size 3 (I was in between 2 and 3) knowing that when joining the side seams I would have to take it a bit (or a lot, as it was the case). It was way too big on the waist and then fitted a bit better on the hips and bottom but in the end it still feels a bit strange... I usually go for not very fitted dresses and loose skirts as I feel more comfortable in them and they are quicker to make, at least for me, but wanted to take on something different. I also changed the position of the buttons to make the skirt fit better around my shape and kind of worked but the result still looks a bit bumpy. I think I will use it during Spring and Summer but maybe not as often as other skirts? Don't know...



So now it is your turn! What do you think guys. Did you like them? Any tip/suggestion? Would love to hear from you!

Have a lovely weekend and see you again here next week! :)



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