Guest Post: Shirring Technique by Raven from Paloma Projects

The shirring technique by Raven

I collaborated with Ana to make a shirring dress and top based on her Raspberry Jumpsuit and Dress pattern. She gave me free reign to hack the pattern and on this post you will see what I created :) Apart from the dress, I created a second outfit hacking the bodice into a top and then using the Cherry culottes pattern.

First look and pattern

The Raspberry Jumpsuit and Dress was very simple and didn’t involve any extra complicated pieces. It was a very straightforward make for me with some fun modifications. What really stood out from the overall design were the simple instructions and the accompanying video tutorial.

Paloma hack Raspberry dress sewing pattern


For this stress, I used a brick red linen from The Fabric Store, that Ana kindly provided. It was beautifully hued and the drape was so perfect!


Shirring! Don’t be scared! It was super easy and the effect is so professional and dreamy. And besides that, Ana provides some awesome tutorials to help. So, you don't need any special tools really, just some elastic thread.

First, I shirred the top and the waist section. Then, I left the bust as it was to create a beautiful and romantic effect.

Then, the bottom of the dress was created with the leftover fabric. For this, I used one continuous piece and measured it out to fit the top. And the best part about shirring? That I didn’t need to add a zipper! Who doesn’t love a dress you can just pull on.

Paloma hack Raspberry dress sewing pattern

And now for the sleeves! These were super simple! First, I draped some rectangular pieces of fabric over the shoulder and added about 5 inches. Then, I hemmed the shoulders and added elastic to create a ruffled edge. And last, I added elastic to the ended to help create a more puffy look.

Paloma hack Raspberry dress sewing pattern

Overall opinion

This is definitely a really fun make! You can hack Raspberry into so many different version easily!

Second look and pattern

For this top I used the same fabric that I used for the cherry culottes. The sharing was a lot easier the second time around and super fun. I decided to only shirr from the neck to just about the point where the bust starts, as I was looking for a peplum top sort of look. It looks so pretty with the culottes! Then, I added some simple straps and voilà! the perfect top for the perfect pants. The whole outfit came together in such a fun and summery way! I can’t wait to make these again.

Paloma hack Raspberry dress sewing pattern

The Cherry culottes pattern included four pieces and featured side and back pockets. I was surprised with how quickly I was able to make these and how flattering they were in my body. I literally had to make no adjustments.


I wanted a nice drape on the pants so I used a tencel viscose


If you have never sewed pockets before this is a great opportunity to start doing so. The side pockets are always a really amazing addition and! you can use her pocket template to have pockets for almost any outfit that you want. Her instructions were very simple and very straightforward I absolutely recommend this pattern for beginners and advanced sewists!

Paloma hack Raspberry dress sewing pattern

Raven is from New York City and she is a therapist.

Thanks so much to Raven for this amazing first guest post and for starting off this new section on the blog. If you are interested in trying out a CocoWawa pattern, doing a hack and getting creative or even contributing with a sewing tutorial or tip blog post of your own, please contact us at
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