CocoWawa Weekly #5 - February 2023

Hi lovely makers!

I am here another Friday to share another #cocowawaweekly and talk about what's been going on at CocoWawa HQ this past week. What I wanted with this section is to also share how some weeks don't have that much going on apart from me either glued to the computer working on the website and writing instructions for patterns or me sewing the hours away making a sample or teaching virtually.

This week has been (again) all about working on the second sample of the upcoming #cwbrokencirclesquilt. This is the throw size so it is taking me a bit longer. I am also taking pics and filming as I go and as I only have two hands... This is one of those moments in which I'd love to have a partner or someone working with me part-time and helping.

Anyway... here you can see a bit of the process from creating one of the curved units of the block to the final row assembly.

Curved piecing units Broken Circles Quilt CocoWawa

Throw size quilt assembly Broken Circles Quilt CocoWawa Crafts

With all this piecing, I have also done a HUGE! amount of pressing this week. On the instructions for this pattern, I share the way that works best for me and this specific design, but in the end, it is always up to the quilter.

There is a whole debate on the quilting community about seams pressed open or to the darker side which I find so interesting. There are so many valid arguments on both sides! In this case, I have actually used both techniques :) Which one do you like the most?

Press seams quilt

Apart from working on this sample, I have also filmed (finally!) a new video for the CocoWawa YouTube channel. It is something that I usually neglet the most as I don't like seeing myself on camera much, but! it was time.

I have shared what I am up to regarding personal projects (crafty stuff I do on my "spare" time), mainly involving knitting, quilting and cross-stitching. Take a look here.

YouTube vlog about knitting, quilting and cross stitching CocoWawa Crafts

Last but not least, I have been also organising my birthday trip to South Korea and Japan happening in mid-March. We (partner and myself) have been working on it for weeks and now I feel we have a nice route to follow. I am also adding lots of places to go eat, cute shops, fabric and knitting stores... apart from the usual attractions.

And! there is something pretty amazing that I found happening in Tokyo right! when I am there (I can't honestly believe it), which is the 2023 annual quilt show. What are the odds!! I am so happy I get to go :) I will be filming everything and taking lots of pics to share here and on social media and YouTube when I am back.

For now, let's keep quilting!

See you soon and thanks for reading,



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