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Hi fellow sewers!!

how is everything going? Work? Life? Lots of projects going on? Hope everything is great 🙂

On this new post that I am writing on the time that I am not sewing my new dress (I told you about it here), I want to talk about patterns and the ones I like the most. I found out just recently about Christine Haynes and her lovely, lovely patterns. She is based in the US, in the sunny Los Angeles, and from there she designs the most amazing patterns you can imagine (also, for those lucky ones living there, she organizes sewing classes). Last month I bought from her shop these two patterns (the one I am making is the Emery dress on the right, version B, with the collar):

Patterns by Christine Haynes

Patterns by Christine Haynes

You can also buy them from lots of shops in Europe and other countries. Here in London, one of my favorites is Ray-Stitch, in Islington, where you can also find the best wool fabrics I have ever seen. I made this skirt from an amazing fabric I bought there.

Wool handmade skirt

Bought this lovely fabric at Ray and Stitch

Continuing with the patterns, I also discovered quite recently Pauline Alice. A pattern designer based in Spain. You can find lots of tutorials on her site and also, buy some great patterns like the Turia Dungarees I am planning to make at some point this Summer 🙂


I am making Version A


And this is how it will look! (Picture credit: Pauline Alice website)


I love the illustrations on the cover

To finish the round of my favorite pattern designers and sewers, I have to talk about Tilly Walnes (yay!). One of the best contestants at the Great British Sewing Bee on the first series (last one this year was not as good for me… What about you?) and her book Love at First Stitch is such a joy!! I have not done anything from it yet, but there are so many great ideas inside!



(Pictures credit: Tilly Walnes website)

Skirts, dresses, blouses… And pyjama bottoms! Everything with a femenine and super cute 50s and retro style that I just adore 🙂

What I also like a lot about these three pattern designers is that they explain everything in detail, very clear and the patterns itselves are very easy to transfer. They give you lots of tips through their sites and they answer any question you may have about which fabric would be better depending on the project.

So now, you just need to start sewing! 🙂

Hope you liked the post and that you will like these three talented designers as much as I do.

Happy sewing and crafting!!

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