CocoWawa Weekly #1 - January 2023

Hi lovely makers!

This year I will be sharing a weekly summary of my week as a pattern desinger, quilting and sewing teacher, maker and well, as a fellow human being on social media and on the blog as well. It will be a chance for me to show you some behind the scenes, to share more about my job and CocoWawa and giving you a glimpse into some of my other hobbies and what other crafty projects I am working now in my spare time. Shall we start? :)

This week I have been already working on the development of my next quilt pattern wich will be the #cwbrokencirclesquilt (out in Spring!).

Broken Circles Quilt pattern CocoWawa Crafts

I have been testing a couple of blocks to see how they look together and using some scraps I had around. I wanted to also see if I wanted to use the most common 1/4'' seam allowance or try a scant 1/4''. In the end I decided to go for the usual allowance as I thought it would be hard to ask the people who might get my pattern to achieve a scant accurately.

Broken Circles Quilt CocoWawa Crafts

Apart from this, I am also doing a lot of quilting studying reading books, watching tutorials, discovering the webinars at The Modern Quilt Guild and surfing trough the amazing projects at Make Moder magazine. I also want to try new tools and materials for my personal quilts, to try different techniques and learn more, so that's why I got this spray for basting. I usually always hand baste or use safety pins, but I wanted to give this a go. I also bought a while ago fusible batting which is waiting for a free motion quilting / walking foot quilting sampler I hope to start soon.

Spray baste for quilting

Here you can also see some practice work I did this week using different stitches on my Pffaf Quilt Ambition 630 and my walking foot (which it is actually integrated and called IDT). I was also inspired by some designs from Irene from Sugaridoo and I want to start soon the two books I got from Jacquie Gering.

Walking foot practice quilting

A highlight of my week has been visiting the lovely workshop space own by Marga and Olivia in Madrid and called Daisy 0 Patch. They are also starting a new venture offering patchwork kits and classes. I will be collaborating with them on my upcoming quilt with some fabric kits. I can't wait to use some of their beautiful solids to make one of the versions of Broken Circles.

Here you can take a look at their colourful and creative space.

Hand made quilt by Daisy Box Designs

Fabrics at Daisy Box Designs Daisy 0 Patch in Madrid

Handmade patchwork garments at Daisy Box Designs Daisy 0 Patch in Madrid

Fabrics at Daisy Box Designs Daisy 0 Patch in Madrid

Last, this week I have been teaching quite a few of my virtual classes (you can join here and get more information). They have been all about patchwork and quilting projects which has made me very happy :) One of the students for example is making a rainbow quilt and the other one, one of the patterns from Suzy Quilts.

Virtual sewing and patchwork classes CocoWawa Crafts
Virtual sewing and patchwork classes CocoWawa Crafts
And this has been my week! I will be sharing more next Friday and a few glances at some personal crafty projects I am working on at the moment :) I hope you like this new addition to the blog.
See you soon! And thanks for reading,
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