CocoWawa Weekly #4 - February 2023

Hi stitchers!

I hope you are all well and healthy :) I am back another Friday with a behind-the-scenes at CocoWawa HQ (aka, the second room in our flat). This week has involved A LOT of cutting (my right hand is definitely sore) and making the first sample of the upcoming Broken Circles Quilt (yay!). On the pic below you can see all the pieces from one of the samples. I loooove seeing so many colours!

Cutting samples CocoWawa Weekly

I also wanted to show you / share with you a great tool I use for cutting and that helps a lot when cutting strips of fabric than then need to be subcut in smaller pieces. It is a ruler grip saftey handle that you stick temporarly to your ruler. It has two (how do you say this?!) 'suction things'? which secure your ruler in place and it works a treat!

Cutting tool quilting CocoWawa Weekly

My studio has been a bit of mess (which I don't enjoy at all) but just during the working hours.

Messy studio CocoWawa Weekly

I think that because my office / studio space for work is part of the flat where we live, as soon as I finish the day I need to clean it and tidy for my mental health and to be able to have a proper break and separation and to be able to enjoy the rest of the house and the studio itself for other tasks.

Table looking messy but colourful!

Messy studio CocoWawa Weekly

When I finished cutting the two samples (you can go to my stories on Instagram to check how one of the quilt tops looks already), I took a bit of time to sort out my scraps. I have divided them between prints and solids for now. I don't have a proper organisational system for them just yet as the place where we live now is just temporary. I keep them inside a big Ikea storage box for now.

I pressed them and folded them and cut the bits that were too small to use.

Fabric scraps CocoWawa Weekly

The last (almost) thing that I wanted to show you today is these two curved pieces I photographed while making one of the samples for the new quilt pattern. I like that quilters will have the chance to practice both curved piecing and straight stitching with this block. 

I use lots of pins and some of the tips that I shared on this other blog post.

Curved piecing CocoWawa Quilts

I also used a pair of tweezers to be able to take out the pins faster. It is a great tip if you have short nails like me :)

Tweezers for quilting tip CocoWawa

Apart from work, this past weekend I went hiking with my partner to the outskirts of Madrid, to the mountains and it was lovely. The sun was shining, there was a bit of snow and it was cold but not too cold. We came back exhausted after doing three trails but happy :)

Hiking Spain

Today I am visiting a yarn fair here in Madrid with a friend. I will share more about that next week!

Have a lovely weekend everybody and speak soon,



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