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Hi everybody!!! I know, I know… These last weeks it has taken me a bit more time to write again, but as usually, I have been too busy with work 🙁 Anyway… I am here again to talk about another brand of independent artists that I love: I Am Acrylic, that I discovered when visiting one of the Crafty Fox Market fairs some months ago (by the way, Crafty Fox is one of the best in London, so don’t miss the next one if you are around!).

The couple behind the brand, Brendan and Ruth, design the most amazing jewellery made out mostly from acrylic, by hand, from their studio in East London, using a fretsaw, so no laser cutting involved, making each piece unique and a small piece of art.

At the craft fair, I bought this super cute bird ring that I wear almost every day! It is like my signature ring that goes with everything 😉

I Am Acrylic ring

Super cute bird ring

They also make earrings, brooches and pendants as cool as these! Bold, colorful and a lot of fun 🙂

I Am Acrylic pendant

Mountain pendant

 I Am Acrylic cloud earrings

Cloud earrings

 I Am Acrylic flower pendant

Flower pendant

You can buy their designs on their own site but also they stock items to a very long list of physical stores and online shops (Etsy, Folksy…) as well, here and in the rest of the world. Check them out here!

If you want to pay them a visit and meet them in person, you can pop by at their stall at the Designers/Makers at Spitafields Market, every third Saturday of the month and at any other craft fairs or attending one of their super cool workshops. Check their Facebook page to know more about any upcoming ones! (Psss, they will be part of the Manmade craft fair this Friday 12th of June and Saturday the 13th with other amazing creators.)

Hope you like them as much as I do and that you enjoyed this new post 🙂

Happy sewing and crafting guys!

(Picture credits: I Am Acrylic Etsy shop and Facebook page.)

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