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I am back here with a post about a few of my best sewing tools that I have been loving recently. I have also recorded a vlog on YouTube showing you all of them and giving you a bit of a description and what I usually use them for. Take a look and find links to all of them below.

 Sewing gadgets favourite sewing tools

 Gadgets mentioned on the vlog:

✂Pattern weights: instead of using pins, sometimes, mainly when using a rotary cutter to cut the fabric, the best option is to use pattern weights to keep fabric and pattern pieces in place.

✂'Wonder' clips: these are just fantastic! Although mine are not the official brand, I found them really cheap online.

✂Magnetic pin holder: this is just the best. Instead of having your pins lying around, I use my magnetic pin holder to keep them in place and pick them up easily afterwards.

✂Simflex sewing gauge: perfect to mark buttonholes!

✂Thread snip: if your machine doesn't come with an automatic thread cutter, these are great. Also to tream tiny threads.

✂Finger guards: wow, these are just perfect! I use them for hemming so as not to burn my fingers away :)

More gadgets mentioned on the blog:

✂Iron pressing cloth: this has been another life savior. Mainly when applying interfacing to a garment, I use my pressing cloth to protect both the iron and the fabric.

✂Teflon iron plate: if your iron doesn't behave properly, get one of these iron plates to protect your lovely iron!

✂Pressing tools: great for sleeves, armholes...

✂Sharpener: I use this one almost every week to make sure my scissors are as sharp as needed.

✂Bee wax: have never used it yet, but I have read great reviews about how it helps when threading needles.

✂Sticky sewing tape: apparently good for sewing zips so that they stay in place.

✂Tutorial on sewing sticky tape:

Did you know all of these best sewing tools? Have you ever used any of these before? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading and watching and see you soon.

Happy sewing,



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