Sewing Tutorial Hack: Louise's Coconut Dress


Welcome to another sewing tutorial hack guest post where another awesome maker transforms a CocoWawa Sewing Pattern. This time we are so incredibly happy to introduce the beautiful and talented Louise, a lovely sewist based in London, part of the Tilly and the Buttons amazing team and half of inspiring sewing blog Cut One Pair.

In this occasion, Louise has done a sewing tutorial hack with our popular Coconut Pjs sewing pattern, using the top as a base to create this delicate dress. At first, Louise wanted to make it into a nightie, but she loved the fabric so much that she preferred making something to wear out of the house during the Summer months. And what a beautiful garment she has made! Check it out.

 Louise Coconut Pjs sewing pattern hack dress


To know how she transformed the top from the Coconut Pjs sewing pattern into this beautiful dress, Louise has shared with us the changes she made on this super easy sewing tutorial hack. Keep reading to learn all the details.

Bodice: "I cut the pattern piece to stop at my natural waistline - for me, that was 7cm below the lengthen and shorten line. I chose the gorgeous elasticated ruffle neckline". (Version A of the pattern).

Louise Coconut Pjs sewing pattern hack dress

Sleeves: "I chose the ruffle sleeve version and as I wanted it to hit just above the elbow, I cut the pattern piece 10cm below the short sleeve line. I wanted to have quite a long ruffle on the sleeve so I positioned the first line of stitching for the casing 6cm up from the hem."

Sash tie back: "I wanted to add a sweet bow back detail to the dress so I drafted a long rectangle piece that was 80cm long and 6cm wide with a diagonal point at one end. I cut four of these pieces and stitched each pair around with a 1cm seam allowance leaving the flat rectangle end open so I could turn out the tie.

I then basted one of the ties to each side of the front bodice 2cm up from the bottom, right sides together, so the when the bodice front and back were stitched the ties were caught in that seam."

Louise Coconut Pjs sewing pattern hack dress

Tiered skirt: "I wanted to create a floaty tiered dress so I drafted a simple rectangle that I could gather. I made my rectangle pattern piece 40% bigger than half my hip measurement width and 45cm long, so the first tier would hit above the knee. For the first tier I cut two of this pattern pieces and for the second, I cut three. I also added pockets into the side seams and used the Raspberry jumpsuit (another CocoWawa pattern!) pocket piece for this."

Louise Coconut Pjs sewing pattern hack dress

And here you can admire again the result. What a gorgeous make that you can recreate as well using the Coconut Pjs sewing pattern as the starting point.

Louise Coconut Pjs sewing pattern hack dress

We love seeing all the creative and incredible transformations you do using a CocoWawa sewing pattern. If you would like to become one of our guest bloggers, please send us an email to to be able to be our next sewing tutorial hack expert!

Thanks so much for reading and see you again very soon!

Happy sewing,



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