Size Range Extension for the Honeycomb Shirt & Dress

New size range for the Honeycomb pattern

The popular Honeycomb Shirt and Dress sewing pattern has now an updated size range. We have included sizes 22 and 24 for UK and 18 and 20 for the US. At the same time, the Spanish version of the pattern also has now sizes 50 and 52 included, which are the European equivalents.

With this change, we aim to create patterns that fit all different types of bodies and we also hope for an even more extended size range in the future when viable economically.

The CocoWawa sewing pattern that features a shirt and a dress version is perfect for both Spring and Summer and for cosy Autumn and Winter days depending on the fabric you go for.

It is a beautiful and feminine design featuring a stand up collar, front button placket, two different options and lots of versions to choose from. You can opt for the shirt that comes with a nice gathered peplum or the dress, with a midi length that you can alter to your desire, and pockets.

There are also several sleeve options: regular long sleeves and long sleeves with bows for the colder months; and then short sleeves and a sleeveless alternative, perfect for Spring and Summer.

Apart from all this, the Honeycomb Shirt & Dress comes with a back yoke and darts and side panels and straps that make the fitting part so much easier. The design is naturally loose but with the straps you can adjust it to get a closer fit.

New size range inspiration

Now, for a bit of inspiration from our lovely testers who have tried the new extended size range. And we start with the lovely Ángela, a Spanish sewist who opted for the shirt version, making two! beautiful options with some amazing fabrics. 

Ángela Honeycomb shirt sewing pattern easy

Ángela Honeycomb shirt sewing pattern easy

Next, will be sweet Carol, who opted for the dress and made this Summery version in this amazing blue fabric! Amazing.

Carol Honeycomb shirt sewing pattern easy

Here we have another beautiful! version of the dress made by Laura. It is a version without sleeves that you can easily layer up with a nice cardigan.

Laura Honeycomb shirt sewing pattern easy

And last, Emma, who enjoyed a great trip to Italy in her Honeycomb. She opted for no sleeves and a super nice fabric.

Emma Honeycomb shirt sewing pattern easy

YouTube tutorial and sew-along

And don't forget that you can also follow the online Sew Along to know how to make both versions of Honeycomb and! a tutorial on our YouTube channel. For more inspiration to make your Honeycomb from our amazing team of tester, you can visit the post we wrote when Honeycomb was launched last year.

Hope you felt inspired and ready to make your own Honeycomb Shirt or Dress! We can't wait to see all your versions :) And don't forget to share them on social media using the hashtags #cocowawapatterns, #honeycombdress, #honeycombshirt, #cwhoneycombdress, #cwhoneycombshirt.

Bye for now and... happy sewing!



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