Tutorial: Kaleidoscope Quilted Cushion - PART 2

Hi! And welcome to the second part of this tutorial on how to make a quilted cushion using the Kaleidoscope Quilt pattern. If you are new and want to also make this cushion, head to the first blog post where you will find all the info necessary to start :)

Last time we ended the post with the front layer of the cushion finished and nicely pressed. This time, we will focused on how to quilt the top layer of the cushion as well as creating the back opening. Are you ready? Let's go!

How to make a quilted cushion for beginners

6. Cut a piece of wadding / batting for the back of the front layer of the cushion about 3'' bigger all around. Then, think about the design that you want to quilt on your cushion, making any necessary markings using a fabric pen or piece of chalk.

I went for diagonal lines creating a grid. Below you can see the first set of lines.

When quilting, make sure that you use a walking foot and that your stitch length goes up to 3mm. Go slowly and always start at the wadding part.

Below, you can see the moment when I was quilting my second set of lines.

When finished, trim the extra wadding with your rotary cutter, cutting mat and quilting ruler.

7. For the back of the cushion, I opted for a printed fabric from the Ruby Star Society Sugar Cone collection and an envelope-style opening.

The back pieces measure 15''x18'' each.

Create a hem at one of both 15'' length sides on each backing piece. I folded the raw edge twice by around 1'' each time.

Then, you can pin both layers in place with RST on top of the front layer of the cushion, overlapping each other as shown on the second picture.

Sew all around with the usual 1/4'' seam allowance. Trim the corners and... 

Turn the cushion cover to the right side, give it a nice press, put the inner cushion inside through the back envelope-style opening at the back and you are done!

I hope you liked this tutorial and that you will give quilting a go soon:)

Thanks for reading and happy quilting!


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