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Novice Stripe quilt - ONLINE COURSE + PDF sewing pattern

Novice Stripe quilt - ONLINE COURSE + PDF sewing pattern

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Learn how to quilt with our beginner quilt pattern Novice Stripe online course. From which tools to use, to different quilting techniques, fabric options, designs and more.

Also, you will be able to apply everything that you learn on our course to any other quilting pattern.

When purchasing the course, you will be redirected to the popular teaching platform Udemy where you will finalize the payment. There, you will find all the resources, including the pattern pieces and instructions, as well as detailed step-by-step video tutorials.


The beginner quilt pattern Novice Stripe is part of a brand new line of sewing patterns from CocoWawa, where you will also find the more advanced Dewdrop quilt.

In this case, the Novice Stripe quilt comes as an exciting online course that you can access through the popular teaching platform Udemy. There, you will also be able to download the pattern pieces and a booklet with the written instructions. Through a wide variety of video tutorials, those new to quilting will learn everything from which materials to use and the best and most practical tools, to different sewing techniques, block construction, how to quilt layers together and to create and apply bias binding.

We are taking you through the whole process of how to sew the Novice Stripe quilt and everything you learn, you will be able to apply to any other quilt you wish to make in the future. Although much of the information is shared in between both formats, the idea is for you to follow the online tutorials at Udemy while consulting the booklet. On the videos, you will find detailed and more lengthy explanations of every section, which are divided in lectures. We hope that you are as excited as we are to start your quilting journey. Let’s go!

Details beginner quilt pattern

The Novice Stripe beginner quilt pattern features a beautiful and simple design made out of 6 blocks sewn together and with a colourful rectangle in the middle of each one of them.

You can mix and match the colours of the background with the rectangles as you please. Maybe you like prints? Or you prefer choosing some vibrant solids to combine with a softer palette? The size of this beginner friendly quilt (34x50'' or 87x126cm) is ideal if you have lots of scraps of fabric at home. It is also perfect for quilt novices as it is easier to work with and sew due to its size. The quilt will look very nice hanging on a wall, as a gift to a loved one or for a baby's crib.

What do you get when you buy the Novice Stripe beginner quilt pattern course?

  1. This product works in a different way than the rest of our sewing patterns as it comes as an online course. When you click on the BUY COURSE button on the product, it will take you directly to Udemy, one of the leading teaching platforms in the world.

    There, you will be able to securely pay for the course by clicking ADD TO CART. From there, you will go directly to CHECK OUT, where you will be asked to sign up to Udemy in order to be able to purchase the course (here, you have the option to opt-out from any emails from Udemy).

  2. When you fulfill the payment, you will be directed to a new page saying ENROLL NOW and then you can START YOUR COURSE straight away.

  3. Now, you are ready to start! The course itself is divided in sections and each section is as well divided in lectures. You will also find the files for the pattern pieces for you to print at home (A4 and US Letter available) and the booklet with the instructions within RESOURCES.

  4. The idea, as I explained above, is for you to follow through the videos and using the booklet as reference when in need.

  5. You can go back and watch as many times as you need any of the videos. And there is an option for you to make notes or place bookmarks along the way to go back to.

  6. There is also the possibility for you to ask me questions in the Q&A section or by sending an email to

  7. There is no expiration date for this course, you will be able to access it at any other time in the future.

*The Novice Stripe beginner quilt is sold as an online course through the popular teaching platform Udemy. Once you click on the BUY COURSE button of this page, you will be redirected to the Udemy platform to finalize, securely, as it is on our website, the payment. Then, you will have access to all the materials, pattern pieces, instructions, videos and everything you need to start your quilting journey.

**If you have any doubts or questions please send us an email to

***On our website you can find other sewing patterns, tutorials and a blog packed with tips and all things sewing.

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The Novice Stripe beginner quilt pattern online course is perfect for those new to quilting. Absolute beginners will learn the basics from which tools to use to basic techniques and more while making their first quilt.

We hope that you are as excited as we are and that you will follow us along this new journey for CocoWawa. You can find inspiration for your Novice Stripe Quilt here and more information as well here.

Suggested fabrics and requirements

For the quilt top, background and backing: quilting cotton (either solids or printed. Your choice!).
For the binding: quilting cotton.
For the batting: choose polyester or a polycotton blend.

*All fabric requirements assume a width of 115cm / 1.2 yards. The fabrics used on the sample are for reference only. If you use the same fabric for all the stripes, you will need: 70cm / 28’’. Binding is cut on the crosswise grain. FQ= FAT QUARTER.


For the fabric required, you will find a chart on the booklet with the instructions when purchasing the pattern. You will also find all the information when starting the course.

Tools and supplies

  • Sewing machine
  • Regular thread for piecing and hand stitching your bias binding
  • A 1/4’’ quilting foot is recommended. Also, a walking foot
  • EZ Quilter’s template plastic for cutting pattern pieces instead of using paper
  • 28mm rotary cutter and cutting mat (not mandatory, but it helps!)
  • Others: masking / painters’ tape, fabric pen, scissors, pins and quilting safety pins (curved), clips, needle, a ruler...


One size only: 34x50''/87x126cm.

Find inspiration for your quilt thanks to our amazing testers.

* Products and services, including products available for sell, are for personal use only, therefore no commercial use is allowed. You acknowledge and agree you are not entitled to copy, print or distribute the products, including sewing patterns, to others, whether you profit from it or not, nor to sell or gift garments/accessories that you have made from our products. All products under the ©CocoWawa Crafts’ copyright are licensed. CocoWawa Crafts is a registered trade mark.

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