Polka Dot Trapillo – Jersey yarn


If looking for a printed yarn, this cute and fun Polka Dot Trapillo in navy blue with white dots will look great on any craft project. What about a knitted necklace or a pouf for the living room?

Colour: Navy blue and white polka dots
Length of yarn: 110 meters
Weight: Around 600 grams
Needles: 10mm for both knitting or crocheting

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Out of stock


Looking for a printed upcycle Trapillo yarn? This high quality cotton and nylon t-shirt yarn features cute black polka dots perfect for any crochet, knit or macramé project! The fabric itself comes from the overproduction of clothing in textile companies based in Catalunya, Spain.

Color: Navy blue and white polka dots
Material: Cotton and nylon
Length of yarn: 110 meters
Height: 15 cm
Diameter: 13 cm
Weight: Around 600 grams
Needles: 10 mm for both knitting or crocheting needles
Thickness: Medium

How to take care of your T-shirt yarn: When cleaning or washing your crochet or knitting project using this kind of Jersey yarn, a gentle wash is always the option as it will take care of it for a longer time. Machine wash cold with the same type of colours and tumble dry for a short time only if necessary. It is always a better idea to let it dry at room temperature.

*Each ball of yarn has a slightly different weight and length but they should be pretty much the same.
**If you love a colour, go for it! As they are made of recycled clothing, it might be available this time but not again in the future.

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