Virtual and in-person sewing classes

Online virtual sewing classes with CocoWawa Crafts
Virtual and in-person sewing classes with Ana from CocoWawa Crafts

Want to learn how to make your own clothes? Do you have fitting issues with a garment / sewing pattern and need someone to help you out and give you advice? Someone gifted you a sewing machine but you don’t know how to use it? Or maybe it is not working properly and you would like someone to take a look? You have come to the right place! 🙂

At the moment, I am offering two options. On one hand, you can join a private online virtual sewing class using Google Meet, Skype or Zoom, in which you will be the only student in the class. The price per hour is 20 euros, paid via Paypal and prior to the class. We can customize the classes to fit your purposes, choose projects together and set up goals along the way. It doesn´t matter where you live, we can make it work.

On the other hand, I am also offering now 1-2-1 in-person private classes at my studio in Amsterdam, (NL) and the idea is the same. I would help you with a project you are working on, teach you new sewing techniques, maybe helping with fitting problems or showing you how to use a sewing machine for the first time. Also, I could come to your place, if in Amsterdam or nearby if necessary, so that you can still use your own sewing machine. The price for these classes is 25 euros per hour. For the in-person classes, apart from adults, I am also teaching children and teens from the age of 7 and who already own a sewing machine.

If you need more information or if you have any questions, please send me an email to [email protected]

I can´t wait to start sewing with you! 🙂


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