Sewing and knitting plans for 2020

Hi everyone! And a Happy New year. I am starting 2020 sharing some of my sewing and knitting plans. To be honest, I don't have many as I have been trying for quite a while not to be rushed by what I see others make (for example on Instagram). Also, and more importantly, I have been thinking about the planet. Do I really need that many clothes? That's what I've been wondering and if we, as makers, are against the concept of 'fast fashion' and in favour of a more sustainable way of creating garments, sewing less, at least from my point of view, should be top of the list (or almost!).


Another thing I have been doing and that has helped me create a more wearable wardrobe is, instead of making without really giving it much thought, influenced by trends or popular patterns or fabrics, really analysing what my wardrobe is missing. This becomes even more helpful to me when I change wardrobes between Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer. Although there are garments that stay there throughout the whole year.

For example, this Winter, I have already realized that on the next I will need a couple of tops or sweaters and maybe a special dress. Something similar happens in Spring and Summer, as I see a lack of tops in different versions.

I've made a video about changing wardrobes and analysing your wardrobe in case you want to take a look:

Another goal for me this year is to really wear everything I have made. I don't know if this happens to you, but I have a tendency of wearing the same things over and over again! Maybe because they are specially comfy or because I don't need to think how to combine them. Whatever the reason, when I change wardrobes, lots of times I realize I have only worn something once or even none! And that is a shame, even more, if you have made that garment yourself. So! New goal: create new outfits and combinations with the clothes I already have. This has been for example my pledge for #memademay for the last couple of years apart from mending as much as possible.

Mending clothes

Oh! And there are also the two hashtags I created in 2019: #sewreworn and #sewreshare. Sometime ago I realised that lots of us feel the pressure of posting new things on social media all the time, refraining of doing it, for example, if it means posting again the same garment. We even apologize! So I thought it would be great if we encouraged each other to reshare what we wear and love, even if it is old or have already been shared a million times before. I think this way we support a more conscious way of sewing and producing garments, without guilt or shame.

And now, without further ado, my sewing and knitting plans for 2020. Some plans will be done soon. Some will last for the whole year and I also have a list of 'wish-to-make' that is quite long (hehe) and that basically extends and is updated year after year.


_Quilting. This has been a major revelation in 2019. I attended a course in Bath organised by Me Made Events and made my first mini quilt. I absolutely loved it! So much that I got the quilting bug and have already made two mini ones more. The third one and my big bold project of the year will be the Hold Tight Quilt by Sharon Holland. I am actually making the exact same one she made on this sample, using practically the same colours.

Here you can see some of the fabrics I am using for the quilt.

quilting new year

I am aware that it is a MASSIVE project to embark myself on having in mind that I am a complete newbie, but I am really excited. This project will teach me patience and to really slow down my sewing.

_Morgan Jeans. This pattern from Closet Case Files is one of my favourite jeans pattern. I have only made another pair but I have never worn any handmade garment as much as this. I love how they fit, they are comfy and totally my style so I am making another pair!

My beloved Morgan Jeans and the latest CocoWawa pattern, the Hazelnut backpack

Morgan jeans Hazelnut backpack

_I wanted to make a skirt using the free pattern from Ready to Sew in denim. Then I found that I had bought a copy of this lovely dress from Ikatee patterns, the Ana Dress, so I changed my mind as I don't really use skirts that much and I already have a few to wear. The fabric I already had will be used on the dress. I am pretty excited about this one!

_A new cushion for the bed. A while ago I made this super fun cushion for our bed using this lovely Ruby Star Society fabric. My partner was not really convinced about the colour (ha!), so I decided to make another one for him in a colour he loves which is orange. I am waiting for the fabric to arrive and as it is such a quick make I think it will be the first.

cushion envelope sewing tutorial

_The last thing I've got on my list is some sort of cardigan. Patterns I am considering: Juniper cardigan from Jennifer Lauren, the one from Ready to Sew and another one I have from Ikatee... I am also waiting for some fabric from the amazing The Fabric Store in New Zealand, which stocks the most amazing Merino wool knit EVER and will see if I can gift myself some for my birthday :)

Here you can see one I made using our Pumpkin cardigan pattern:

Super comfy cardigan version. This one with only just one button at the top and no waistband.

Pumpkin cardi sewing pattern


And now for knitting. As I am a VERY slow knitter, I am still working on my Novice sweater from Petite Knit which I hope will be finished by the end of this month. Then I would like to maybe try a cardigan and put to good use what I learned at a sock knitting class I attended last year.

This is how my jumper looked a few weeks ago. I have made quite a lot of progress now!

Knitting petite knit jumper

Last, I will keep on mending and fixing all garments that may require it and, more importantly, taking things easy, slowing down, enjoying the process, not comparing my makes to others. All is fine. Let's chill and make!

Tell me your sewing and knitting plans and what do you think about mine on the comments.

Speak soon and thanks for reading!



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