Romy's Honeycomb Dress Hack

Lovely and super talented maker Romy-Krystal is our latest guest maker to hack one of the CocoWawa patterns! She chose the best-seller Honeycomb Dress and Shirt pattern, that comes in two size ranges up to a 156cm / 63'' hip. 

Romy chose this interesting organic cotton with a gorgeous Indian print from Fluid Plus Drape. The buttons have a flower shape.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading! :)

Perfect for the Summer

Details of Romy's hacked Honeycomb Dress 

The main detail of her hack is the addition of a suuuuper cute Peter Pan style collar. This is what she did to the original pieces to achieve it.

  • I used the back and front bodice pieces and then removed the seam allowances as though there were all sewn together.

  • I then made the shape of the inner collar to match the neckline curve and chose the point I’d like my collar to start from.

  • After that, I drew a curve from that point to the middle of the back. Trial and error here till I was happy with the shape. I added a 3/8” / 1cm seam allowance to account for sewing the two pieces together.

  • I also added interfacing to one side and then turned it inside out and pressed.

  • The last step was to pin and baste it to the neckline, using bias binding to finish. Everything else was done as pattern instructions

    Thank you so much Romy for your amazing work. Your Honeycomb Dress is so, so cute! Here there are more pictures of Romy's Honeycomb.

    And that's it for this post. Thank you everyone for reading and I will see you here again very soon :)



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