Pattern Review: Top 2018 Sewing Patterns

Welcome stitchers to a sewing pattern review of the 4 new CocoWawa patterns released in 2018. At the end of this post you will also find a few more highlights of the year as a business owner. And without further ado... let's start our pattern review!


Somehow I managed to release 4 new patterns this year and two of them being trousers! I never thought I would brave them, so I am very proud I fought for them and now they are out in the sewing wild :)

The Honeycomb Dress and Shirt

Without doubt, the most popular has been the Honeycomb dress and shirt, so many of you have made it! And some even sewing 2, 3 and even 4 versions! You can find lots of your CocoWawa makes on Pinterest.

Also below you will see the sample I made using this lovely mustard linen and long sleeves. You can opt for shorter sleeves and a sleeveless dress as well or a shirt alternative perfect for Summer.

Honeycomb has been very successful thanks to you!

Honeycomb shirt dress easy sewing pattern beginners

Trousers patterns

Regarding the trouser patterns, the Cherry shorts and culottes proved quite popular and an incredibly quick make, easy to fit thanks to the elasticated waistband. I launched this pattern in Summer but the culottes definitely work for all seasons as proved on a version I made using jumbo corduroy.

I braved releasing two trouser patterns. Cherry were really popular in Summer :)

Cherry culottes shorts sewing pattern easy beginners

Continuing with the pattern review, the Cinnamon Trousers were one of the most challenging of the year in terms of drafting. A team of amazing testers helped me with the fitting issues I encountered. And in the end I released the pattern offering two sets of sizes for those with curvier bodies and for those who wanted a closer fit.

Cinnamon were the first pair launched in the year. I still love the cute shape!

Cinnamon trousers sewing pattern

Last pattern review of the year

The lovely Pumpkin cardigan and dress. A super quick garment to sew using knit fabrics and again with lots of options to play around with. From a sleeveless version to the one with a ruffle at the bottom.

Also the pattern comes with lots of tips to sew with jersey so that you can get the best results using a domestic sewing machine. Pssst. The paper version of the pattern is still available!

Pumpkin was the last pattern of the year and one of my fave.

Pumpkin cardi dress sewing pattern

Other highlights from 2018


Apart from the pattern review, I wanted to share some of the best moments as a business owner. First of all I have taught sewing to lots of little girls and teenagers along the year. I think this is without a doubt one of the highlights of the year for me. Teaching dressmaking mainly (and some crafty bits) is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and even though it can be quite challenging and it requires a lot of patience, the feeling of seeing them happy, learning and improving is priceless.

The Craft House is one of the places where I usually teach on a weekly basis... Isn't it the best and the cutest?

Craft House sewing classes children

I have also taught at the New Craft House studio in East London during the Summer. We had a lovely class of dressmakers who came to sew the dress and shirt Honeycomb!

New Craft House sewing class

Last, I had an amazing time at the Village Haberdashery where I hosted a sewing day with friends where we all made a lovely Honeycomb Dress or Shirt. Sewing friends are definitely the best!

The Village Haberdashery

London Stitchers Meet Up

Another highlight of this year has been creating the London Stitchers Meet Up with my lovely friend Giorgia. It all started as we felt we didn't see each other enough so this would be the perfect excuse to meet more often. But little we knew people would love it so much!

It has been a total blast and from meeting in pubs to visiting museums or doing picnics in the park, the meet ups have become a big part of my life and I enjoy thinking about new ideas for future meet ups.

Stitchers Meet Up VA London

At the moment we are waiting for an airing date for the Great British Sewing Bee (yes, it is coming back!), as we want to host weekly screenings so that lots of us can meet and watch it together :) There will also be some interesting trips and more!

Stitchers Meet Up Village Haberdashery London

This was the last meet up of the year at the Village Haberdashery

British Craft Awards

A totally unexpected surprise came just a few months ago when I received an email saying that CocoWawa has been nominated as Sewing Pattern Designer of the Year at the British Craft Awards.

I basically couldn't believe it! I remember being walking in the street, reading it and thinking: 'They have made a mistake for sure!'. It has been so lovely just being considered, for me I have already won :)

British Craft Awards

Trips and challenging makes

I want to finish this post remembering two of the most amazing trips I have done in my life, to both New Zealand and Australia. I was lucky enough to visit The Fabric Store shops in both countries (and get some amazing fabrics!) and I am also proud I took almost all handmade clothes with me :)

Handmade wardrobe New Zealand and Australia

Also, I am really happy about some of the makes I did this year. Some were totally out of my comfort zone and have been real challenges. My first pair of shoes, a more technical coat, my first swimsuit and my first scarf knitted with circular needles :)

Knitting and sewing projects

To sum up...

It has been an incredible year for a tiny business like mine. I do everything myself so of course I've had good and bad days. Sometimes I have wanted to quit everything and run! or hide and others, things have worked out just how I wanted to. Having your own business means working hard every single day and it becomes a part of you wherever you go.

I have also learned to relax a bit more and to enjoy other things apart from sewing. Now I spend my free time knitting, doing a bit of embroidery or just reading, swimming or hiking.

At the same time none of this would have been possible without your help and support. I still do a tiny dance every time someone buys a pattern or makes a comment on social media or posts an image of their finished garment using one of the CocoWawa patterns. Thanks, thanks and thanks for supporting me. It means the world.

Hope you enjoyed this pattern review.

Happy 2019 and happy sewing!


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