My Visit to the Love Yarn Madrid Festival 2024

Hi lovely makers!

I am back to share with you my second visit to the Love Yarn festival celebrated in Madrid this month of February. My first time going last year was a nice surprise, so I decided to go again with a friend.

Love Yarn Festival Madrid Knitting Booh

Knitting Booh

My aim was to buy either no yarn or just a skein to knit a pair of socks but! of course, I couldn't resist all the amazing colours and yarns we saw, so I ended up getting some yarn for a jumper I didn't even know I wanted to knit, hahaha :)

Stephen and Penelope stand Love Yarn Fair Madrid

Stephen and Penelope

Now, I will tell you more about what I bought at the end of the post but first, I want to talk about why I like this fair. Apart from being held at a large and spacious location, meaning that you don't feel you are being crashed against other people, they bring quite a few international businesses, mainly from European countries (although most are Spanish, which makes sense as it is celebrated in Madrid).

Yarnity lana Love Yarn Fair madrid


You can find so many different types of yarns from mohair to wool to silk... in soooo many different colours and dyes is even a bit overwhelming! (but the good kind of overwhelming, mind you). There are also stands selling knitting accessories like needles, needle-stoppers, also tools for blocking like nice-smelling washing liquid...

 La Miel yarns stand Love Yarn Festival Madrid

La Miel

Businesses showcasing their yarn are mainly small and independent but there were also a few bigger brands. My favourite stand? The collaboration between La Bien Aimée and Le Chat Qui Tricote. There is where I completely fall in love with this sample of the Instant Crush jumper (pattern from Joji Locatelli) and made with the La Bien Aimée gorgeous mohair colours.

Joji Locatelli Instant Crush jumper pattern sample La Bien Aimée

After MUCH! deliberation with my friend and thanks to the help of the lovely people working at the stand, we both chose our favourite colours. Mines are the ones on the right (obvs. I needed some lilac, hehe) and my friend's are the ones on the left.

Mohair yarn from La Bien Aimée

We decided with my friend that this will be our long-distance project for next Autumn and Winter to knit together virtually as I will no longer be living in Madrid (more on our move soon!).

 Now, I am going to leave you with a few more pics I took there :) 

Quelchua Alpaca Love Yarn Madrid festival

Quelchua Alpaca

My Knitted Closet

My Knitted Closet

 Love Yarn Madrid jumper sample knitting festival

 Samelin Dyeworks

Samelin Dyeworks

Maison Penedes punch needle

Maison Penedès

Yarns from La Bien Aimée at the Love Yarn Festival Madrid 2024

More gorgeous La Bien Aimée yarns

And that's a wrap for this post about the Love Yarn Fair Madrid. If you are there next year or are able to go, I really recommend it.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!



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