Guest Post: Sweater Hack Tutorial by Juliet Uzor

Sweater hack tutorial by Juliet Uzor

Hi stitchers! We are back with another amazing guest post and this time we've got the incredibly talented Juliet Uzor. Yes! The winner of the last edition of the Great British Sewing Bee :) What a huge honor! We contacted Juliet a while back to know if she would be interested in hacking one of the CocoWawa Crafts patterns and very kindly she said yes. We sent her the Chestnut Sweater pattern for her to play with. Also, the lovely Harriet from Sew Me Sunshine joined the team and she contributed with a gooorgeous stripy ponte that you can see on the pictures below.

Juliet has filmed a video tutorial of the hack that you can watch on her YouTube channel and she has also written a blog post that you can read here.

Hack tutorial details

Read along to see the main changes Juliet made to the Chestnut Sweater at quick glance and take a look at the beautiful pictures she took. Let's start! First, she changed the neckline to a boat neck, which works so so well!

Juliet guest post Chestnut top hack sewing pattern 

She also traced out and slashed into the back bodice to create the ease, in order to enable the twist knot effect at the back. Apart from this, Juliet made another change to the back giving it a deep V neckline.

Juliet guest post Chestnut top hack sewing pattern

Look at the twist of the back and that stripe matching game! Another of her changes was to lengthen the bodice by 11.5cm / 4.5 inches. Then, when cutting this beautiful ponte, Juliet manipulated it to get  multi directional stripes before cutting out the personalized front bodice.

Juliet guest post Chestnut top hack sewing pattern

Finally, she also lengthened the sleeves by 4cm /1.5 inches because she didn't want to add cuffs.

Juliet guest post Chestnut top hack sewing pattern

Thanks so much lovely Juliet for your contribution. We will come back soon with more guest posts. Stay tuned and happy sewing!



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