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Free crochet tutorial

Hi, hi lovely people!! How is everything going? Hope you are enjoying some free time at your place or abroad.

I am here again and this time I have invited super talented crochet designer Amy from Super+SuperHQ to give you the steps to make a super cute bag with tassels (using our yummy chunky jersey yarn) that you can still wear this Summer as it is so quick and easy to make!!

Amy studied knitwear at university and she has been obsessed with yarn ever since. Amy also sells her makes at her Etsy shop (her yarn necklaces are super cute!), she teaches how to crochet online and has published several books about crochet, embroidery, printmaking and paper cutting :)


And for this tutorial, Amy has created the perfect messenger style over the shoulder bag, ideal for picnics and a lovely little accessorize update. Come on! Get your yarn and needles at the ready and start crocheting! :)


  • 1 cone of jersey yarn for the bag base
  • several metres of a constrasting colour of jersey yarn to make the tassels
  • 9mm crochet hook
  • snips/scissors
  • stitch markers



Creating a magic loop centre

1. Wrap the yarn around yout fingers to create a closed loop.


2. Pass the long end through the centre.


3. Catch the loop with the crochet hook ready to make a new stitch.

4. Pass the yarn around the hook (YAH) and pull it through the loop – 2 loops on your hook.


5. YAH again – 3 loops on hook.


6. Pull through 2 loops on your hook – now back to 1 loop. You have just worked a double crochet stitch in the round, yay!


7. Repeat steps 4-6 this for another 7 double stitches, pick up half of the first stitch...


7b. And slip to join your foundation round.


8. Use your stitch marker to highlight the start/end of your first round so that you can keep count going forward!

R1 – dc2 into every consecutive stitch to end

R2 – dc2 into every consecutive stitch to end

R3 – 4(dc1), dc2, 4(dc1), dc2 to end

R4 – dc1 into every stitch

R5 – dc1, dc2, *dc1, dc1, dc2* Repeat from * to * until end


8b. – bag piece after R5.


9. Snip the yarn and pull it through the active loop to fasten off, pick up a couple of stitches on the wrong side and weave cut ends in.


10. Now repeat again from the very start (step 1) to create the second side of your circular messenger bag!


Joining & finishing

11. With the 2 finished pieces wrong sides together matching cast off points - Make a slip knot with your yarn, push hook through a parallel stitch on both sides of the bag, pop slip stitch onto your hook.


12. Pull this through both stitches on your hook, YAH and ancho with a single stitch.


13. Now working dc1 to into 1 stitch from both sides at once crochet anti clockwise around the edge.

Super-Super-Crochet-Tutorial-Coco-Wawa-Crafts-Post-Step-13 (1)

14. When you have 12 stitches left – creating your bag opening – snip yarn, fasten off and weave inside the bag as before.


And now for the tassels!

15. Cut 10-12 lengths of the contrasting yarn of approx. 28cm long.


16. With the opening of your bag at the top, push hook through 1 stitch along bottom edge and catch 1 length of folded tassel length. 


17. Pull through stitch and then YAH.


18. Pull this through the loop on your hook to create first tassels length!


19. Repeat steps 15-18 around the bottom edge until you have have enough fringing to suite your taste!


The bag strap

20. Crochet a chain approx. 1m long and then fasten off.


21. Push hook from inside out of the top edge of your bag a couple of stitches before the opening, catch cut end of bag strap. Pull this end inside the bag and weave into a couple of other stitch to secure then fasten off.


22. Hurray! Your lovely bag is finished!


What do you think guys? I just love it so much I am already choosing my own yarn to make one asap! :)


Can't wait to see your makes (share them on social media with the hashtag #cocowawayarn!) and see you here again very soon.

Happy crocheting!



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