Spring and Summer Sewing Inspiration

Spring is here and we just want to make and wear all the cute clothes, right? :) In this post I am sharing inspiration from amazing testers and customers wearing some of our best-selling sewing patterns for this Spring and Summer!

Make your dream wardrobe

Honeycomb Shirt and Dress

Let's start with one of CocoWawa's most-loved patterns, the Honeycomb Dress and Shirt! With two size ranges to choose from and two design options, shirt and dress, Honeycomb is such a staple for Spring and Summer. And the best part? You can also make it for the colder months going for the long sleeves and a warmer fabric.

The lovely Sierra Burrell looks amazing in her deep red version.

And what about this hacked version made by Cátia? She change the small ties to make two statement bows and wow! Isn't it cute?

You can also learn to make Honeycomb following our YouTube tutorial.

Plum Dress

Another favourite since its release in 2020 has been the super cute and sooo easy to fit and make Plum Dress :) Coming also in two size ranges, you can go for long sleeves or short with a beautiful ruffle. Plum features a back bodice button placket and, of course, inseam pockets!

Look at lovely Danica in this super Springy version.

And gorgeous Jen in her hacked Plum for which she used a pink lace fabric. Doesn't it look like the perfect dress for a wedding?

When you purchase Plum or any other CocoWawa pattern, you will receive a link to download your pattern and booklet with the instructions. Apart from this, you can also find help on how to make your dress with this video tutorial.

Raspberry Jumpsuit, Playsuit and Dress

If you think that this is the Summer when you finally learn shirring, I've got you covered! First, get the Raspberry pattern and then follow this video in which I explain all you need to know about the shirring technique.

And for inspiration? Look at this gorgeous version of Raspberry made by Ruth, one of my testers for the pattern.

Or, you can hack the pattern and turn it into a super cute, adorable peplum top like the lovely maker Jasmin.

Nutmeg Trench and Jacket

We all know that Spring can be a bit of a difficult time to dress so making a jacket to wear in the morning is a must. Nutmeg has been another best-seller since its release in 2021 and many of you have made a cropped version of the jacket which has been amazing to see on social media.

One of my favourite has to be this version made by my lovely friend Meg using a checkered canvas in pink and white.

And I wanted to add my own sample as I love this version I made of the trench in a mustard gabardine fabric.

Click here for the Nutmeg video tutorial.

Cherry culottes and shorts

Last, I wanted to mention my favourite pair of trousers ever, the Cherry Shorts and Culottes! They are sooo comfy and soooo easy to fit and make! These are the pants that I wear all Summer and I am planning on making yet another version soon.

Take a look at Joy's super sweet pink version...

And the ones made by Chantelle which make for a very interesting and chic Summer look!

And if you have any trouble following the instructions, here you have the video tutorial on the CocoWawa Craft's YouTube channel :)

I hope you found this post fun and inspiring! Thank you for reading and I will see you back here soon.

Happy sewing and happy Spring!


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