Joyce's Hacked Plum Dress

Lovely Joyce, based in The Netherlands, is our latest guest maker to hack one of the CocoWawa patterns! She chose the super easy-to-sew-and-fit Plum Dress, which is one of our best-selling patterns and it comes in two size ranges up to a 156cm / 63'' hip :) 

Joyce went for her usual size and chose a super cute gingham cotton from the Dutch shop Javrostoffen. The main changes in her dress? She added a double ruffle to the sleeve, also sew two straps to tie at the back to get a closer fit for the dress and she also added three beautiful cherry embrodery details.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading! :)

Perfect for the Summer

Details of Joyce's hacked Plum Dress (in her own words)

  • The main things I did differently were:
    • cut out the ruffle piece 4 times instead of 2. 
    • I also embroidered a cherry detail onto the two pocket pieces and on the front bodice with my embrodery machine. 
    • Then, I decided to add big ricrac trims from the Portuguese shop Feira dos Tecidos to the ruffles.

  •  I made the version with the back buttons but because the neckline is wide enough I didn't sew buttonholes. Instead, I just stitched them through both layers of the back button placket by hand. I used pink buttons to match the ricrac and green topstitching to match the other ricrac.

  • When I did the back button placket and shoulder seams I tried on the bodice and measured where I wanted for my shoulder ruffle to be and decided for where usually a non-drop shoulder sleeve would sit.

  • Then I measured approximately where I wanted the ruffle to end on front and back. Next time i would give this ruffle extra length. I added the ruffle right sides facing so the stitching wouldn't be visible once you flip the ruffle towards the arm. I wanted the two ruffles to slightly overlap so I shaved a few centimeters from the shoulder and also the armscye and sewn it on like usual.

  • Then, I cut two long strips and sewn one short and the long side together and topstitched them to the back bodice for a back bow.

And now, for Joyce's Plum Dress in on its glory!

Thank you so much Joyce for your amazing work. Your Plum Dress is so, so cute!

And that's it for this post. Thank you everyone for reading and I will see you here again very soon :)



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