Meet the Quilted Nutmeg Jacket - Join the Quiltsew-along!

DEADLINE to sign-up for the quiltsew-along was the 27th of October. If you want to join later, please send an email to or contact me via Instagram and I will add you to the list :)

Welcome, welcome to a new and very exciting CocoWawa project!

Today I am presenting the super cute Quilted Nutmeg Jacket based on one of my best-selling patterns, the Nutmeg Trench and Jacket :)

Quilted version

Quilted Nutmeg Jacket 1 front

Regular version

Nutmeg Trench and Jacket sewing pattern CocoWawa Crafts

For quite sometime, I have been dreaming of making a quilted version of Nutmeg and finally, this 2023, I took the plunge. At first, I thought about doing a re-release of the pattern or selling it as an add-on but then I thought that a quilt and sew along would be a nicer and more fun option.

That's why, starting on Saturday the 28th of October, you will be able to join HERE (for free!) the QAL / SAL for the Quilted Nutmeg Jacket :) And no worries, you will have plenty of time to buy materials, etc..., as the first newsletter and post will be an introduction, followed by a little break for you to be able to get ready. (PSSST. The newsletter comes with a cheeky discount ONLY for those subscribed to join the quiltsew-along).

Quilted Nutmeg Jacket tutorial

Quilted Nutmeg Jacket detail sleeve collar

To all those wanting to take part, I will be sending out newsletters with a link to a blog post with detail information and pictures of the whole process each Saturday for 6 weeksAnd remember, even if you are subscribed to the regular monthly CocoWawa newsletter, you will need to join this specific one HERE to receive the emails for the quiltsew-along :)

9-patch Quilted Nutmeg Jacket project

You can go at your own pace as the posts will always be available. Even if you miss a week, you can always catch-up later on.

Process Quilted Nutmeg Jacket 1

And this is not all. At the end of the quiltsew-along, if you post your finished Quilted Nutmeg on Instagram using the hashtags #cocowawapatterns, 
#cocowawaquilts and #cwquiltednutmegjacket, you will be entering a super giveaway with prizes from some amazing companies like Lamb and Loom, A Beautiful Thing, Ethel and Joan, Pigeon Wishes and Sarah Hearts. And! you can post your own version till the 29th of February, so you have plenty of time to work on it during and after the end of the quiltsew-along :)

   A Beautiful Thing Logo    Ethel and Joan Logo         Lamb and Loom Logo
   Pigeon Wishes Logo     Sarah Hearts Logo

Now, I want to share with you the calendar and what you can expect each week:

Saturday 28th of October - Getting ready

  • Introduction to pattern and project.
  • Cheeky discount.
  • Chat about the block design I chose for my version and how you can make it your own, as well as some easier and beginner-friendly alternatives.
  • Materials used and recommended tools.
  • Calculate how much fabric, lining and wadding / batting you need.

*Now, you will have a two-week break to gather your materials, get the pattern, etc...

 Saturday 11th of November - WEEK 1 Hacking and cutting

  • Changes I made to the original sleeve and to the front bodices.
  • Cutting techniques, tips and tricks.
  • A specific chart sharing how many pieces I cut for my version.

 Saturday 18th of November - WEEK 2 Piecing and a bit more cutting

  • Joining the blocks together to create the top "fabric" for each pattern piece.
  • Piecing technique, tips and tricks.
  • Cutting lining and wadding / batting.

 Saturday 25th of November - WEEK 3 'Quilt sandwich' and quilting

  • Preparing the 'quilt sandwich' for each pattern piece.
  • Basting techniques, tips and tricks.
  • Quilting techniques, tips and tricks.

 Saturday 2nd of December - WEEK 4 Sewing jacket and bias binding

  • Joining all pieces together to sew the jacket - part 1, plus finishing the seams with bias binding.

Saturday 9th of December - WEEK 5 Finishing

  • Joining all pieces together to sew the jacket - part 2, plus finishing the seams with bias binding.
  • Snaps (I decided to avoid buttonholes).
  • Add cute label.
  • Do a happy dance, wear your super cute Quilted Nutmeg and share it!

Quilted Nutmeg Jacket collar sew and quilt along

At the end of the quiltsew-along, you will have till the 29th of February to take part on the giveaway sharing your version on Instagram and using the hashtags #cocowawapatterns#cocowawaquilts and #cwquiltednutmegjacket. The posts will be available at any time during and after the end of the QAL / SAL, forever and for everybody.

Quilted Nutmeg Jacket 2 back

I hope you'll join me in this super fun project! Don't forget to sign-up for the QAL / SAL HERE and remember, that even if you are subscribed to the normal CocoWawa newsletter, you will need to join this specific one to receive the emails :)

Thank you for reading and let's get this quiltsew-along (just made up the word for this post, haha) started!



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