Honeycomb Sew Along - Assemble a PDF Pattern

How to assemble a pdf pattern

Next on the Honeycomb Shirt and Dress Sew Along is..., yes, the dreaded assembling of a PDF pattern but, no fear, we are giving you some tips to make this process much easier. And also all CocoWawa Patterns come with a copy shop version so that you can skip the assembling part. Just save your pattern file on an USB or similar and take it to a copy shop to print it out on an A0-A1 format. 

*For this post we are using an old post we published on the Chestnut Sweater and Top Sew Along, although all examples apply exactly the same way to Honeycomb :)

But! Let's imagine you are using your trusty printer at home :) First of all, you need to open the 'print at home' version of the pattern (here you can choose either the sweater or the top, or both, hehe) on Adobe Reader (the usually software that reads PDF files). Then, click on print and make sure the bit 'Actual size' is selected and that the 'fit to size' one is NOT.


Once you have printed all the pages, the first thing to do is to make sure they have been printed correctly (start with just the first page with the test square on it and if it turns out right, then keep on printing the rest).


Now for the assembling part. Here, what you usually do (at least it is what I used to always do in the past) is to cut along the rectangle that you will see on each page, but! instead of cutting all the sides, do it differently this time. Just cut the right and bottom lines on each page and overlap the edges.



Then follow the numbers on each page and use the little black triangles to align the pages.


On the instructions there's also a printing and assembling layout that you can follow to see how it should look.

 Printing layout Honeycomb shirt dress sewing pattern

Another tip here is to find along the whole layout which pieces are the ones you actually need for the version you have chosen. Then go to the number pages and assemble those, instead of all of them, saving a lot of time as well.

Also, if you are using cello tape, cut small bits instead of trying to join two pieces with a big piece of tape that will end tangled up and only stick it on the actual pieces; this way you will save time and cello tape :)


At this stage you can just cut out the pieces along your chosen size or you can trace the pattern on a different paper if you want to keep the other sizes as well for the future. And... you are done! Easy, right? Hope now you are less afraid of PDF patterns and that you would like to give them a go :)

Happy sewing and see you on a new post of the Honeycomb Shirt and Dress Sew Along...



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