Inspiration for your Cutting Corners Quilt

Be inspired to make your own Cutting Corners Quilt

Hi quilters!

I am sharing another post about the recently released Cutting Corners Quilt pattern and it is all about giving you lots of inspiration from an amazing team of testers :) Shall we start?

Inspiration from testers

Amelia, based in the UK, is an amazing dressmaker and quilter. She has made the most colourful baby size Cutting Corners Quilt with super vibrant fabrics and a great grid design using Aurifil threads. 

Amelia Cutting Corners Quilt test pattern

Lovely British self-taught sewist Hazel loves making both garments and quilts. She also managed to finish her test quilt and it looks beautiful. She used a set of Fableism Sprout wovens and the result is subtle and calm. I also love the dark background that makes the rest of the blocks pop-up.

Hazel Cutting Corners Quilt pattern sample Fableism

Adriana, a dear friend of mine and super talented sewist and knitter, started quilting a while ago and fall in love :) Here you can see the beautiful blocks she managed to finish before the launch of the pattern. She is now working on finishing the quilt! She used Fableism fabric as well.

Adriana Cutting Corners Quilt sample pattern quilting

Adriana sample Cutting Corners quilt pattern for beginners

Eleanor is based in Croatia and does a lot of knitting. She wanted to give a go at the Cutting Corners Quilt and her quilt turned out so colourful and lovely!

Eleanor test Cutting Corners Quilt pattern

Another super nice test block from Gillian, also based in the UK :) Gillian wanted to try the pattern as well and the result of mixing up different fabrics as well as the different shades of red and blue is lovely. She finished the block as a mini quilt.

Gillian tester Cutting Corners Quilt pattern

I have known Chloe for a while now as she is part of the dressmaking community and love all her gorgeous makes. Her block test really inspired me as she use leftover denim fabric in different shades. It looks amazing! So creative.

Chloe sample CocoWawa Crafts Cutting Corners Quilt pattern

And here it is another amazing block test made by Tegan! The print on some of the squares is beautiful and I think I quilt made with those fabrics would look gorgeous on a bed.

Tegan Cutting Corners Quilt patter for beginners

Now, we have lovely Romy, another super sewist who makes lots of her clothes. She opted for some off-white and vibrant shades of red for her block. 

Romy Cutting Corners Quilt pattern CocoWawa Crafts

And last, Joanna, a total quilting novice who has made so far two blocks and they look so nice! Love the fabrics she chose.

Cutting Corners Quilt tester post Joanna

Now, are you ready to make your own Cutting Corners Quilt? :)

Share your version with the CocoWawa community using the hashtags #cocowawaquilts and #cwcuttingcornersquilt.

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