Meet the Cutting Corners Quilt Pattern!

Get to know the new CocoWawa quilt pattern

Hi lovely makers!

I am here again to present a new quilting pattern, the Cutting Corners Quilt, perfect for advanced beginners wanting to give sashing a go but still wanting to feel safe on those comfortable straight lines ;)

The pattern is sold as a PDF downloadable file and it offers three different quilt sizes. The design presents endless colour and fabric combinations, which will make your quilt look different every time you make it. Oh! And it is fat quater friendly!

Now, let's get into the details, shall we?

 Cover Cutting Corners Quilt pattern instructions


The Cutting Corners Quilt pattern comes in three different sizes: Baby (40''x40''), small throw (40''x60'') and large throw (60''x80''). 

What you can learn

With the Cutting Corners Quilt you will learn how to sew snowball corners, add vertical and horizontal sashing strips and assemble the blocks in rows, as well as tips on pressing, how to sandwich your quilt and finish it with bias binding.

You can easily change the design and fabric combination making the sashing strips stand out or by highlighting certain parts of the main block like the smaller squares attached to the corners.

With detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results, you will have all the help you need to make your own version.

Fabric requirements

For the quilt top, backing and bias binding, go for quilting cotton. For the batting, choose 100% cotton or a 80/20 cotton and poly blend.

You can find cutting layouts and fabric requirement charts on the instructions when you get the pattern.

The samples

I am starting with the version I also used as guideline for the instructions. All the fabrics for the quilt top are Pure Solids from Art Gallery, kindly provided by the UK based shop Sew and Quilt. Jessica, the lovely owner, is also selling kits carrying the exact same colours and that you can find in her shop.


Cutting Corners quilt pattern CocoWawa Crafts beginners

For the backing I went for this beautiful Ruby Star Society fabric from their 'Reading Nook' collection and the binding is a left-over from the 'Hole Punch' collection, again from Ruby Star.

Close-up Cutting Corners Quilt binding pattern for beginners quilting

Regarding the quiting part, I decided to create a grid using a King Tut Superior changing-colour thread.

 Cutting Corners Quilt grid pattern quilting beginners

The second version is another stunner if I say so myself! ;) Jess, from another gorgeous online fabric shop based in the UK called A Beautiful Thing, also kindly provided the fabrics for this quilt top. All of these fabrics are Ruby Star Society from their collection 'Sketchbook'. She is also selling kits with the exact same fabrics.


For the backing, I also opted for the 'Reading Nook' collection from Ruby Star Society in a different colour and the binding is again a 'Hole Punch' fabric,

Cutting Corners Quilt backing bias binding pattern quilting

Regarding the quilting, I decided to be a bit more adventurous and opted for a clam shell design. I struggled a bit on some parts, but I think it came out quite nice!

Quilting clam shell design pattern CocoWawa Crafts

You can find the key cards for both samples on the blog as well as alternative layouts and inspiration from our testers.

Now, are you ready to make your own Cutting Corners Quilt? :)

Share your version with the CocoWawa community using the hashtags #cocowawaquilts and #cwcuttingcornersquilt.

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