Bias Binding Ttutorial for Necklines and Armholes

Bias binding turorial for necklines and armholes

With this bias binding tutorial you will learn how to sew any bias tape to finish a neckline or an armhole in the most professional way possible.

I am using as an example some of the Marshmallow Dress versions made by our testers like the one sewed by Emily from Self Assembly Sewing or Anne at New Vintage Sewing.






Steps to sew bias tape to a neckline or armhole

So now, let's start with the bias binding tutorial! It is actually the perfect way to finish your neckline and armholes if you don't like facings or if you prefer your dress to have a more professional look on the inside, which it is actually quite nice 😃 You can get bias tape almost anywhere. And now for the steps.

1. Take your bias tape and iron out one of the folded edges. Pin it around the right side of the neckline next to the raw edge leaving just a bit of tape at both ends.

2. Stitch all around the neckline using the line of the fold you pressed out as a guide (this line is 3/8’’/1cm away from the edge).


3. Now trim the seam allowance first and clip and press the seam towards the tape. Then understitch (as close as possible to the seam on the tape side) and shape the tape with your fingers pressing it all around to make it lay flat or press it gently with your iron towards the inside of the dress.

4. To finish, stitch the tape to the neckline on the inside next to the fold. Give it a final press.

Bias-binding-Marshmallow-Dress-post-2 (1)

And you are done! You can use the same technique for the sleeveless version and play with different colours for the binding on your armholes.

Happy sewing and don't forget to share your #marshmallowdress on social media! 😃


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